VH1's Reality Show 'Twinning' Pits Twins Against Each Other Because Family Feuds Are Lucrative

VH1, the network responsible for such reality gems as Everybody Loves New York and I Heart Nick Carter is adding another show to its roster, tentatively titled Twinning . The series, which was created by the same people behind Dating Naked, is a competition which has twins facing off against each other for a grand prize of $222,222.22 . If I've learned anything from years and years of watching MTV's The Challenge it's that competitions between friends, lovers, ex-lovers, and rivals is pure reality TV gold. It should be a wild ride (or total wreck) to see what happens when siblings who once shared a womb have to take each other down.

According to the network, viewers are in for, "double the meltdowns, double the hook-ups, and, of course, double the twists as the contestants are pushed to their limits in unexpected ways[.]" Or in many cases, double the gross-outs and eye rolls. During the 10-episode first season, expect plenty of groan-worthy, "Whoa hot twins!" comments.

Producers have yet to reveal what sort of competitions the contestants will face, but I can only hope it's a combination of insane Big Brother -inspired games, Challenge-esque puzzles, and Survivor-style eliminations. And countless Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen references.