4 Fashion Lessons From 'Big Brother 16'

Summer is officially coming to an end. Sure — it’s getting colder and college girls across America are flocking to Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Lattes. But more importantly, tonight is the finale of everyone’s favorite summer reality show, Big Brother. Either Derrick, Cody, or Victoria will walk out of the house a half million dollars richer. And like that, it’ll be over.

Big Brother 16 gave us quite a few glorious moments. We watched Derrick control the house the entire game. Who could ever forget Zach, the wannabe villain, with his fruit loop dingus insult and constant twerking? And Big Brother blessed us with Donny, who’s probably the nicest person to ever set foot in the house. We also learned that Ariana isn’t the only diva in the Grande family. Ouch.

We watched them nonstop. We laughed. We screamed at our computer when no big moves were made (so, basically the entire season.) But what can the group of 16 people we basically stalked for three months teach us about style? Turns out, a lot. Check out these eight style lessons we learned from the Big Brother 16 as you cry while realizing that the season has come to an end.

1. Real Men Wear Pink

Oh, Zach. Thank you for entertaining us the entire season. Thank you for your showmance/bromance/friendship/whatever with Frankie. What would BB16 have been without you?

What will Zach’s Big Brother legacy be? Fruit loops? The gator chomp? Nope. His pink hat. I’m pretty sure he wore it 98% of the time when he was in the house. Except when Victoria completely shattered him by ripping it to shreds. Not cool, Vicky.

But if it’s one thing that any guy can learn from Zach, it’s that real men do wear pink. And not just in a Frankie glitter kind of way.

2. We Should All Make The Best Out Of Bad Fashion Situations

Remember when Nicole lost the Battle of the Block and got stuck wearing a frog costume for a week? Oh, and then she lost ANOTHER comp and had to wear an old-fashioned overall Germitard? Sure, it’s a Big Brother tradition, but who wants to be stuck in the same outfit for a week? Not fun.

But Nicole complete rocked it—feather cap and all. Yeah, sometimes we end up wearing business casual when we’re supposed to be in a cocktail dress or are left stranded in a storm without rain boots. But you know what: who cares? Go with it.

Just remember Nicole, you fruit loop dingus, you!

3. Glasses Make Everyone Look Great

Season 16 will probably go down as the year of girls in glasses. Christine and Nicole both rocked the oversized specs, and there were a few others who did as well.

I’m not sure whose they originally were, but there was a pair of black glasses that floated (and grabbed a life vest… hehe) around the house. There was a magical power in those specs that made EVERYONE who wore them look ten times better. Remember Zach on his almost eviction night? Swoon.

4. Have One Item You Love — And Would Be DEVESTATED If It Went Missing

In case you forgot, Team America had to hide a item from every house guests in order to start a neighborhood watch patrol. And boy, did it work. They took Caleb’s cowboy boots, Victoria’s robe, and — to top it all off — Zach’s gator shirt. Oh hell no.

The house guests were FURIOUS and immediately blamed Zach and Victoria for being the saboteurs. But, if this should tell us anything, it’s that we should all have one signature piece that just completes us. Just hope no one hides it in the storage room.

Images: CBS (2); @princessglammy, @haydenNnicole/Twitter; bricesander/Tumblr