Would the Duggars Adopt Children? They've Considering Adding To Their '19 Kids and Counting'

Now that 19 Kids and Counting's oldest daughters Jessa and Jill have gotten married and moved out of the Duggar family home to live with their new husbands, a couple of vacancies seem to have opened up in that giant house of theirs. Michelle and Jim Bob now only have a measly 16 children under their roof, so are they planning on adding a few more before they start suffering from empty nest syndrome? At 47, Michelle recently learned that her childbearing days may very well be over, but as it turns out, the Duggars aren't opposed to the idea of adoption.

In fact, back in 2013, they talked to People about the possibility of adopting their 20th child, and it seems like they're pretty interested in the idea — as long as the big guy upstairs approves, of course.

And as for the kids? They're on board, too, especially since they visited a Chinese orphanage last year and have seen for themselves that there are a lot of children in the world who have less than they do.

Say what you want about the Duggars, their lifestyle, and their often questionable beliefs, but they do a great job raising kids who have good hearts. They seem to understand the importance of helping others, and I don't doubt that if the Duggars adopted a child, he or she would be treated as part of the family before they even hit Arkansas soil.

Being that the Duggars have made statements like these publicly — and knowing how attached the family seems to get to the kids they meet while on mission trips — I wouldn't be too surprised if, eventually, they ended up adopting a child who needed a home. And since they certainly have the means to give that child a good life, it would be an awesome thing to do.

Image: TLC