Sass & Bide Make Headphones Look Way Cool

More and more fashion designers are steadily working their way into the tech and gadget space. The mashup of fashion and tech, and technology-enabled pieces and gadgetry, was bound to happen, as we move towards a more digital and further plugged-in world. Women are increasingly connected and don't want to sacrifice style when it comes to their wearable connectivity. Aussie label Sass & Bide has teamed up with Frends headphones to craft a customized and super cool version of the brand's best-selling Taylor headphones. Michael Kors recently expanded his offerings in the fashion x tech space, going beyond iPhone and iPad cases in favor of more practical pieces like charging cases. Now, S&B is making headphones fun to wear. You won't care if the ear caps mess up your hair because they look so awesome on your head.

The Sass & Bide headphones boast the brand's signature black and gold chevron pattern on each ear cap. The foam ear cushions are covered in stitched black leather, for a further luxe look. Who needs earmuffs when you have these functional pieces?! The mix of black, gold, and leather make these puppies extra chic.

The 'phones are for sale at Sass & Bide boutiques this week, namely the SoHo flagship location. Don't live in the Big Apple? Don't fret. You can still nab a pair at the brand's website.

If you are a total audiophile, like listening to your music on fashionable 'phones while you commute, don't care if they mess up your hair a lil' bit, and don't mind that a gadget that sets you back $250, then nab a pair!

Frends partnered with Rebecca Miknoff in the past, as well. Oh, and if you are all about Aussie brands right now, I implore you to check out sunglasses brand Valley Eyewear. I've been pumping the company for a while now, way before Kat Von D got involved!

With Kors and a smaller brand like Sass & Bide doing tech and gadgets, and with the sold-out Alexander Wang for H&M collabo, which was decidedly futuristic and dystopian, it got me thinking of other designers I'd love to see dominate the tech and gadget space with futuristic offerings.

1. Stella McCartney

How about Stella McCartney-designed headphones that don't move while running or wristbands with calorie-counting mechanisms in them for the gym? They'd be gorgeous and practical, and would fall in line with her Adidas capsule.

2. Moschino

Wouldn't it be amaze if Moschino did a line of hoodies with headphones incorporated into the hood? The hoodie flanks could be comprised out of speaker cloth, like the ones Betabrand created. Moschino could team up with Betabrand to do something beyond cool and functional. Or I'd love the shuttered leather hoodie brand Mike & Chris to do something similar as a comeback. They were my fave leather jacket brand ever.

3. Elizabeth and James

The Olsen Twins contempo line is designed with young, hip girls in mind and young, hip girls love their gadgets. I'd love to see E&J figure out a way to create a leather jacket with a charging station built into the pocket. I know, sounds ridic and I legit have no idea of the mechanics of making something like that work, but I can dream, especially since my bunk iPhone battery starts dying the minute it is off the charger, since I am a power user. A piece of clothing with an internal charger installed would solve a repeat problem that I deal with, since I am always looking for an outlet and it makes me mental. Plus, something like this would be cooler than a Mophie Juice Pack. #PluggedInProblems

Images: Sass & Bide (3); Giphy (3)