Should You Download T Swift's New App?

by Christine DiStasio

Have we all finally reached a place where we know not to underestimate Taylor Swift, like, ever again? On Monday, Swift's "Blank Space" music video leaked a day early and, obviously, we all freaked out because it's the greatest music video the 1989 singer has done to date. But, most of us didn't know that we were in for so much more — even after Swift tweeted about making a special announcement on Good Morning America on Tuesday. Well, that special announcement came and went and it's Taylor Swift's Blank Space Experience app, a little something extra from T Swift, with love, to all of you diehard Swifties out there. But what is Swift's iPhone game, anyway??

I can't say I'm surprised that Swift decided to jump on the video game train with this part-video game, part-interactive experience situation that is the Blank Space Experience. I mean, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was a smash hit, after all. And, Swift obviously knew that we were going to be all over the "Blank Space" video like hotcakes, so obviously we were going to eat up this app. Taylor Swift knows me so well, I don't know what I'd do without her. But, while I was totally stoked about downloading and playing, I actually did ask myself what this whole thing could actually be about. The concept seems so high and, frankly, a little bit stressful, which led me to wonder whether or not it'd be a bad idea to download, lest I end up with a grudge against my beloved, pretend-BFF.

So, I understand that you're probably asking yourself two very important questions right now, diehard T Swift fan: Should I download the Blank Space Experience app and what even is it? Luckily for you, your answers are all right here.

First, What Is It?

Here's the deal, people. The Blank Space app is an extension of Swift's amazing music video. (So, if you hated the video, just forget it.) The experience follows the same story as the "Blank Space" video, but with a little something extra by the way of "collectibles." Users navigate the house from the video and click around to collect the 41 objects Swift's craftily (and frustratingly) hidden around the house that give a little extra insight into the inspiration behind "Blank Space." Sounds fun, right? The app also prompts users and Swift fans to share their collectibles with others playing the game, via Facebook or other social media, so that they can help other fans find them as well.

If that doesn't sound fun to you, but you still love T Swift — the app also features behind-the-scenes footage and special photos from the "Blank Space" shoot. So, this isn't really a game per say, but it's pretty damn fun and rewarding to find cute pictures of Olivia in the mansion.

So, you're into it. But should you download?

Now that you know what's up with this app, the big question remains — should you download it? (It's kind of a pain because you need a wifi connection and it takes a bit to download.) Well, I've helped you with the answer to that question as well:

You Should Download If... You Have a lot of free time

Seriously, it's going to take you forever to find all of the collectibles. I've run through the experience four times so far (granted I'm also working) and I haven't even found half of them. You're going to need to devote a serious chunk of time to this challenge and, no, "waiting until later" isn't an option. Because you will get addicted to this app and fast.

You Should Download If... You worship the ground T Swift walks on

If anything and everything Taylor Swift does and says gives you life, you're downloading this app. Even if this app was just a live stream of Swift's cats playing, masked as an interactive experience, you'd download it.

You Should Download If... You Haven't Stopped Watching The "Blank Space" Music Video

Do you feel like you need more "Blank Space" in your life after watching the video on a continuous loop for the past 24 hours? Good, then this app is for you.

You Should Download If... You Need a Break From The Kardashian Game

We all need a break from the Kardashian game, myself included, because sometimes I can't handle the pressure of a 12 hour photoshoot when I refuse to spend real money on energy bolts. Well, the Blank Space Experience app will at least allow you to take a 24 hour break from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. However, neither Taylor Swift nor myself are responsible for your loss of fans during your absence.

You Shouldn't Download If... You Get Nauseous Easily

Oh. My. God. I don't get motion sickness, I don't (usually) have trouble with nausea in my everyday life, but if you do, don't download this game. Because I became nauseous after a few run-throughs. The ability to make 360 degree turns and move your view all over the damn place will make you puke. Seriously.

You Shouldn't Download If... You Actually Have To Work Today

Luckily for me, my job is to play fun games created by Taylor Swift. Because Taylor Swift is life. But if you have to actually be productive today at your job that possibly frowns upon T Swift, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I repeat, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. (See, someone's trying to help you not get fired.)

You Shouldn't Download If... You Don't Like "Blank Space" That Much

I LOVE "Blank Space" — it's my favorite song off of 1989. But if you hate it, you're going to want to die while playing this game because the song plays over and over. Every time you "enter the experience" the song plays and if you don't find all of the collectibles by the time it's over, it plays again when you "restart the experience." Seriously, non-"Blank Space" fans, stay away if you want to keep your relationship with T Swift intact.

You Shouldn't Download If... You Think T Swift Should Have Her Own Kardashian Game

THIS ISN'T Taylor Swift: Hollywood. It's not even close to being like the Kardashian game and if that's what you're thinking and/or hoping it'll be, just walk away now and go back to playing KK: H.

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