How Many Tattoos Does Ariana Have?

Remember recently when Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande surprised everyone by admitting they're good friends? Or, at least, Grande went to Cyrus for life advice which I found somewhat shocking. Either way, bonding over bad press isn't the only thing these two singers have in common. Another thing? Their tattoos! OK, so Grande isn't even close to Cyrus's level (last time we checked, she had 25), but the "Problem" singer does have a bit of body ink. So how many tattoos does she actually have? Grande has three tattoos and each one has some serious symbolism behind it.

In March, she posted to her public Facebook fan page, "I plan to get a ton of little discreet tats here and there throughout my life that are meaningful to me. I thoroughly enjoy them. 'bellissima' is next. It's what my grandpa calls me."

Looks like she followed through on that! In addition to "bellissima," she has two other tattoos: a heart on her toe and the phrase "Mille Tendresse" on her side. Let's see the stories behind them!

Tattooed Heart

On Grande's toe, there's a tiny outline of a heart. She got this tattoo in April 2012 with Sky Blu from LMFAO. The two had recorded a song "Do You Love Me?" together and then he inspired her decision to get inked.

Explaining how this happened, Sky Blu said in an interview, "I am a bad influence. I'm over there hanging out, and I'm getting tattoos, because I be getting tattoos in the studio. What else are you gonna do other than write music? So she got her first tattoo there, just out of the blue. It was a heart on her toe." He may have been joking about it being his fault since it totally was her own choice.

In fact, she posted a video to YouTube, explaining the significance of the ink in the caption. She says,

Got my 1st tattoo in the studio with @Skysnuts (LMFAO) while we were recording a really fun duet which you'll all hear soon! (not tattooed heart).. This year has been 1 of the happiest and most enlightening years for me and I felt like I wanted to do something special to remind me of this time....writing my 1st album, working with my castmates & best friends on victorious, being young, having fun and being surrounded by love.. so..I wanted to do something permanent to remind me to always be grateful and not take anything for granted so.. I got a little tattoo. :) P.s. Tattooed Heart is also the name of 1 of my favorite songs I've written from my upcoming debut album

Check out Grande's "Tattooed Heart" video here:

"Mille Tendresse"

Last March, Grande got her second tattoo — a French phrase on the back of her neck. It says "Mille Tendresse." It means "a thousand tendernesses." It's also a quote from Audrey Hepburn's movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. This isn't surprising, since Grande is admittedly a huge Hepburn fan.

She got the tattoo from Romeo Lacoste, a tattoo artist in LA, who has inked celebs like Justin Bieber and Janel Parrish. Grande also shared a photo of the process and called him "amazing."


On her side, Grande has the Italian word "bellissima," which means "beautiful." She got this latest ink in March as well.

Apparently this is what her grandfather called her throughout her whole life. That's precious! It's especially touching, since we all know how much her grandfather meant to her. She was devastated by his death in July, and continues to honor him to this day.

So there you have it! This very well may be just the start of many tiny tattoos of Ariana Grande, especially since she said herself that she plans to get a bunch more.