Is Beyoncé Gonna Be in Solange's Wedding?

by Arielle Dachille

It's official, guys. (Well, if you believe those infamous "sources," it is.) According to Us Weekly, Solange Knowles will be marrying long-term boyfriend Alan Ferguson this weekend in New Orleans, so it's time to FREAK out. 'Cause big sister Beyoncé "always the bride never the bridesmaid" Knowles may actually be a bridesmaid for once. Is Beyoncé going to be in Solange's wedding? Let's do some Internet stalking to eke out some clues...

It's certainly been a banner year for the Carter/ Knowles clan with the rampant divorce rumors and cheating gossip, all of which started with the incident of Solange attacking Jay Z at the MET Ball. With the father of her children at one end of the table and her sister at the other, Beyoncé is sure to feel awkward enough at Thanksgiving without Matron of Honor duties to complicate things. Also, did she even have time to plan a bachelorette or a wedding shower from the road during this year's On The Run tour? Even for a superhuman being like Beyoncé, that's a lot of crap to worry about.

Thankfully, even with all the ballyhoo that went down in 2014, the sisters are apparently still on good terms. Neither hell, nor high water, nor high-profile scandal can break the bonds of sisterhood. Beyoncé posted this photo of herself and Solange on Instagram a few weeks ago, laughing and enjoying a couple of long-necks. Perhaps they're enjoying a pre-bridesmaid-dress-fitting drink?

Hate to burst your bubble, but all signs point to them just, well, drinking beer because they felt like it.

On social media, we're pretty hard-scrapped to find clues of wedding planning, and neither Knowles sister has shared anything to imply the existence of bridesmaids. Given that their reception plans involve a movie night at Knowles' house, we can guess that this affair will be one of those ultra-chill weddings without a wedding party. After all, Solange and Ferguson never officially confirmed their engagement to the press, so I'm guessing that they are gonna keep things simple and forego the wedding party.

Even if Beyoncé may not be a bridesmaid, perhaps she'll give a toast or be a witness.

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Gaw... These two!

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