What Will Dandy Do With Bette & Dot on ‘AHS: Freak Show’? They Might Be in Surprisingly Safe Hands

When it comes to brainstorming, they always say two heads are better than one. Hopefully that proves to be the case for American Horror Story: Freak Show ’s Bette and Dot Tattler who are currently taking up residence at the Mott house thanks to Elsa’s continued quest to rid herself of the very act she worked so hard to procure. (Elsa: 1, Logic: 0) So what does this mean for the twins’ future? Will Dandy actually hurt Bette and Dot? I mean, living under the same roof as a practicing killer is never really considered to be a good thing. However, I believe in that in this case it could work to the twins’ benefit. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say Bette and Dot are safer with Dandy than at the Freak Show .

For one thing, they have secret enemies everywhere. They should definitely be on to Elsa’s plan by now, but there’s still Stanley and his poisonous cupcakes to worry about. And, since he's still disguising himself as a friend, that makes him all the more dangerous. There’s nothing worse than when your enemies are hiding in plain sight. It makes it harder to see them coming.

You can't help but appreciate the irony, though. By removing the twins from that toxic environment, Elsa may have inadvertently saved their lives, which is the exact opposite of what she was going for. (I’d be curious to know if Elsa would have allowed Stanley to get them out of the picture for good if she had been privy to his plan.) Either way, though, staying with Dandy appears to be the lesser of two evils, at least for now. Here’s why.

He’s Fascinated With Them

If you recall, Dandy wanted to buy the twins from the moment he laid eyes on them. This was before he started taking lessons at Killer Clown school, mind you, but still his initial reaction toward them was one of ownership not murder. Sure, that still isn’t perfect, but it's a definite step in the right direction.

He Confides In Them

In the promo for “Bullseye,” Dandy says to them, “I’ll tell you a secret. Remember the murders?” As strange as it is, I believe that this is Dandy’s way of opening up to Bette and Dot. I mean, why go through the trouble of sharing his sins with them if he's just going to kill them immediately afterward? I think he wants them to know him, and this may the only way he knows how to do that.

He Sees Himself In Them

Dandy has made it quite clear right from the start that he considers himself to be unlike anyone else. And because of this, he is drawn to other unique individuals — which is why he pleaded with Jimmy to let him join the sideshow. So now that the twins are “his,” he wouldn't want to hurt them. On the contrary, he'll probably want to start up his very own freak show. (Boy, would that make Elsa mad.)

Then there's the fact that the twins and Dandy already have so much in common… like murdering people. Dandy may have heard the speculation about their involvement with their mother’s death, which compels him to open up about his own murderous endeavors. After all, the first step toward every fundamental friendship is finding common ground, right?

He Outright Says He Won’t Hurt Them

Well, technically in the promo he swears to Gloria that he’d “never violate those girls,” which I guess could be taken in several different ways. But it looks like his intentions are not of a sexual or even physical nature. If anything, they’ll just be emotionally scarred due to their inevitable captivity. Because that’s where this is going, right? He may not want to murder them like Stanley, but he also has no intention of letting them go.

Of course, this begs the question, which is better? A lifetime of imprisonment or death by baked goods? Luckily for us, Sarah Paulson’s characters have a tendency to make it through tough situations, so I wouldn’t write these girls off just yet.

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