Crazy 'AHS' Theory: Lana Winters Is Bette Tattler

It was a big day for horror lovers everywhere when Ryan Murphy confirmed that all American Horror Story seasons are connected in one way or another. Granted, the idea was always a source of constant speculation, especially after it was announced that Asylum favorite Pepper was joining Freak Show . But to have it extend throughout each and every season should prove to be one of the greatest puzzles AHS has thrown at us yet. And while I'm sure Murphy plans on leaking details to how they're all linked in a slow, torturous fashion, I thought I'd take it upon myself to try and establish a few connections on my own — starting with how Lana Winters could be connected to Bette and Dot Tattler. And I've come up with a theory that's so crazy, it just might work.

Are you ready for this? What if Lana Winters and Bette Tattler are actually the same exact person? Now, I know what you're thinking: This girl has gone completely insane. Which is fair enough. That could very well be the case (just ask my therapist). On the other hand, though, this is a show that thrives on insanity, which in my eyes means pretty much any idea should be considered fair game. And this one, as out there as it sounds, has a few prominent clues to back it up.

Let's start with the fact that Freak Show — which takes place 12 years prior to the events of Asylum — has been circling around the possibility of Bette and Dot getting surgically separated, suggesting that it may eventually happen at some point. Right now, it's unclear if both could survive such a procedure, though Dot seems to be the more likely candidate of survival at this point due to her fierce attitude and general determination to have it done. However, Murphy always loves an underdog, which makes me more inclined to put my money on Bette.

And let's talk about Bette for a minute: such a dreamer; such a go-getter. She's the type of person who craves attention and fame. You know who else possesses that same personality trait? Lana Winters. Yes, in the end, she developed better moralistic intentions for her reporting, but at the beginning, her main endgame was for the world to know her name and recognize her talents as a serious journalist. Suffice to say, Bette and Lana both craved the spotlight, and since singing clearly isn't her strong suit, perhaps Bette decided she'd be just as happy seeing her name in print rather than in lights.

Speaking of which, does anyone else find it interesting that Sister Jude indicates in Season 2's premiere that Lana was named after the movie star, Lana Turner? Given how obsessed Bette is with movies, it would make sense why she would choose a Hollywood name like that if she were to assume a new identity.

Then there's Lana and Bette's sexual preferences to consider. While Lana's homosexuality was a well known fact right from the start, it's unclear if Bette too shares that same desires. She certainly hasn't been fawning over Jimmy like Dot has. Not that this alone should indicate that she's attracted to women and not men, but it also does not not indicate it, I suppose. And let's not forget that Lana was so intent on getting into the mind of someone misunderstood like Bloody Face — almost like she knew exactly what being an outcast to society felt like, which could reflect both her homosexuality and sideshow past.

Obviously, this idea is not without its flaws. For starters, it seems a little far fetched to believe that a surgery that extensive would leave a person without any notable scars. From what I can remember, Lana always appeared to have a normal body structure, especially around the shoulder area where Dot's head would've been. So yeah, this theory isn't perfect. But again, think of all the impossible things that have happened on this show. I'm sure the writers would find a way to explain this issue away. The aliens could've been the lead surgeons for all we know.

And last, but certainly not least, there's THIS:

I'm aware that this was simply Sarah Paulson's creative way of letting us know she would be playing conjoined twins on AHS: Freak Show. However, the fact that she used Lana's image to do it has not gone unnoticed by me. What if, just what if, Murphy instructed her to do this as a subtle nod to fans that one of these twins eventually becomes Lana herself? I mean, this is the same guy who sprinkles clues of the next season throughout the current season. He knows how to think ahead, and this little stunt could very well be the latest cog in his genius/crazy plan for the series.

Just think about it, will ya?

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