Amanda Bynes Isn't Homeless

Though it is comforting to know that at least she does have an apartment of her own in Los Angeles, sadly, it doesn't seem like this situation is close to being resolved. According to a report from TMZ, Amanda Bynes' parents rented their daughter a hotel room in the Glendale neighborhood of LA after she was released from an involuntary psychiatric hold last month — she just hates the location, and refuses to stay there.

While it's definitely great news that Bynes has a place to go and that her parents (who are still her conservators, for now) aren't withholding money from her — and it's also definitely great news that Bynes isn't actually homeless and couch-surfing in LA as previously thought — it's troubling to hear that Bynes and her parents are still having issues. According to TMZ's report, Bynes hates the suburban neighborhood of Glendale and wants to live closer to Hollywood or West Hollywood, but her parents disagree because they feel those neighborhoods "spell nothing but trouble" for her.

Our sources say Amanda's parents have told her if she wants a different area they'll find her a place, as long as it's not Hollywood or WeHo. But that's where Amanda wants to be and that's why she's been mooching off friends and crashing at their places.

TMZ added that Bynes' hotel package "includes car services, food ... the works," so she is well taken care of if she actually chooses to go to Glendale. The problem just arises when Bynes refuses to, which seems to be the case.

Of course, this is still a report from TMZ, so it's wise to take it all with a grain of salt. However, if this is true, it may be all the more indication that Bynes' parents made the right decision by noting their inability to get through to Bynes, and resolving to turn their conservatorship over to a third party professional who is trained to deal with difficult cases. Above all, it's just important that she's safe and healthy right now, as well as that she receives help — and all that is not something that voluntary couch-surfing is going to provide.