Duggar Family Kissing Challenge Trolled by Same-Sex Couples Because Duh

Remember the Duggars, the ultra-conservative Christian family and former stars of the TLC show 19 Kids & Counting (name changed several times to reflect their seemingly infinite number of children)? While someone among their vast throng is clearly business-savvy, I'm going to assume that when the Duggars issued a kissing challenge this week, they didn't expect to be trolled by same-sex couples even though literally everyone else could see that coming. Bless their little hearts.It all started with a Instagram post last week from baby number six (my uterus clanged shut just reading that), Jessa Seewald. I'm not sure what ultra-conservative Christians think goes on when two young people get married after being told all their life to wait till marriage to have sex, but apparently it doesn't involve kissing, because there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding Seewald's post of her and her husband liplocking. Two people in their early 20s making out? I'm shocked.Like the supportive leaders of a small army that they are, parents Michelle and Jim Bob took to the official Duggar Facebook page to respond with a kissing photo of their own. They accompanied their duplication of the Seewald's photo with a challenge to all married couples: "take a happily married photo and post it here."

The Duggar definition of marriage, however, is very narrow. They took the time to explain it to us in the same post as the kissing challenge: it's designed by God to be "a loving, dynamic relationship between a husband and wife." It isn't exactly surprising to find that they're publicly against gay marriage. So when a couple who thinks you're a second-class citizen doomed to burn in hell for eternity issues a kissing challenge aimed at heterosexuals, what better way to spend your day than by trolling their page with photos of you and your same-sex partner?

Or you and your true love, Diet Coke.

Or the PSL.

You get the picture. Like Jezebel, I'm not advocating that you post a picture of you and your long-lost soul mate Frida Kahlo kissing on the Duggar page like I did, but if you did we'd be friends forever. Just saying.

Images: Duggar Family Official/Facebook, Sebastian Hesse/Flickr