11 'HTGAWM' Couples Ranked on Cuteness, Longevity, & Compatibility, Because It All Matters

Sure, How To Get Away With Murder might revolve around a group of law students covering up a murder, but you can't deny that the secondary plot to HTGAWM is all about the couples. Every person on the show has a significant other — some have two! — and it just wouldn't be fair if we didn't give these couples the attention they deserve. Sometimes the relationships become forgotten about because of the major drama that is happening at the law school, but in between murder trials and torts class, we are often reminded of the many relationships that take place within this small group of characters.

So I've come up with a system of ranking the couples, because let's be honest, some of them are way better than others. I decided to rank them in three categories, and then add up their points. All categories are out of 10 points, totaling up to 30 possible points overall.

  • Are They Cute Together?: This is a tough category, because the entire cast is attractive, but some couples look better together than other couples. 0 is "Ew," 10 is "Adorable."
  • Are They Good For Each Other?: Everyone on the show has a flaw, but some flaws work better together than others. 0 is "They'll kill each other" — and in this show, that's not out of the realm of possibility — and 10 is "Match made in Shondaland."
  • Likeliness Of Them Staying Together: Pretty self explanatory; will they last? 0 is "never," 10 is ~4eVeR ~.

11. Rebecca & Griffin

Cuteness: 4 — They just don't fit together.

Are They Good For Each Other?: 2 — On the off chance that they are both killers.

Will They Last?: 0

Total: 6

10. Bonnie & Sam

Cuteness: 4 — Again, just not the world's cutest couple as a whole.

Are They Good For Each Other?: 3 — Bonnie clearly loves him, but she isn't a bad person and deserves better.

Will They Last?: 0 — For obvious reasons.

Total: 7

9. Connor & Michaela's Fiancée, Aiden

Cuteness: 6 — They'd be pretty cute together

Are They Good For Each Other?: 2 — Probs not.

Will They Last?: 1 — Not a 0 because anything could happen with this show.

Total: 9

8. Asher & Bonnie

Cuteness: 5 — They don't really make sense.

Are They Good For Each Other?: 3 — Even though Asher is goofy and kind of a jerk, you can't help but love him. He deserves someone who actually likes him, and doesn't use him for his body.

Will They Last?: 2 — Bonnie will move on.

Total: 10

7. Annalise & Sam

Cuteness: 7 — He might have killed Lila (TBD), but they look really great together.

Are They Good For Each Other?: 4 — Uh, no. I'm still convinced that Annalise had something to do with his death.

Will They Last?: 0 — Again, for obvious reasons.

Total: 11

6. Laurel & Frank

Cuteness: 7 — They make for an extremely attractive pair.

Are They Good For Each Other?: 5 — They both have a dark side, but Laurel says she "isn't into him."

Will They Last?: 6 — It's only a matter of time until they get together.

Total: 18

5. Annalise & Detective Nate

Cuteness: 7 — HOT couple.

Are They Good For Each Other?: 6 — They've both deceived each other, but maybe that makes them good together?

Will They Last?: 6 — Now that Sam is out of the game.

Total: 19

4. Michaela & Her Fiancée, Aiden

Cuteness: 8 — Beautiful couple.

Are They Good For Each Other?: 6 — They're not perfect together, but is anyone?

Will They Last?: 6 — Seems like it could work out for them, but then again, does anything work out that easily in Shondaland?

Total: 20

3. Laurel & Kan

Cuteness: 8 — How can you not love them?

Are They Good For Each Other?: 8 — Yes, of course! They both actually want to help people.

Will They Last?: 5 — Frank is going to screw things up, for sure.

Total: 21

2. Connor & Oliver

Cuteness: 9 — I'm totally rooting for these two.

Are They Good For Each Other?: 7 — They've had issues, but it seems they both bring out the best in the other.

Will They Last?: 6 — They aren't together now, but there is still time for them.

Total: 24

1. Wes & Rebecca

Cuteness: 9 — They just are.

Are They Good For Each Other?: 8 — These two are different, but work so well together.

Will They Last?: 8 — If Rebecca stays out of jail, but even then...

Total: 25

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC; Giphy (3); HTGAWM-Gifs/Tumblr (8)