Who Killed Sam Keating on 'How To Get Away With Murder'? Let's Rank the Most Likely Suspects

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You know, for a show called How To Get Away With Murder , the characters don't seem very good at, well, getting away with murder. When Sam Keating turned up dead in the flash-forwards of ABC's new hit drama, reactions among the show's central crop of students ranged from minor meltdowns to full-on mental breakdowns. But while we wait to see exactly how they get away with it, another question still looms: who killed Sam Keating?

Seven episodes into the season, and we still don't know for sure who offed Professor Annalise Keating's philandering husband. Sure, we have suspicions and hints, but no official confirmation on the identity of the murderer. Since HTGAWM consists of a short-for-network 15 episodes per season (due to star Viola Davis' schedule), we're just about at the halfway point — which means it's time to start placing bets on whodunnit.

Considering the cast consists of a convenient 10 series regulars, I decided to rank the suspects on a 10-point scale, from least likely to most likely to have done the deed. So let's do our best Sarah Koenig and delve into the mystery of Who Killed Sam Keating?

Image: ABC

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