'Project Runway All Stars' Guest Judge Ariel Winter is Way More Stylish Than Her 'Modern Family' Character

At first you might be surprised to learn that Ariel Winter will appear as a guest judge, along with fashion designer Betsey Johnson, on the Nov. 13 episode of Project Runway All Stars . Winter is best known for her role as the studious, high-strung, and smarter-than-everyone Alex Dunphy on Modern Family .

Now, of course, encompassing all of those adjectives and having a sense of style aren't mutua lly exclusive. And it's not that Alex dresses poorly, exactly; it's just that her slightly nerdy teen uniform of glasses, jeans, and T-shirts is often overshadowed by her older sister Haley's girlier, skimpier ensembles.

But as we all know, actors and the characters they play are not usually one in the same. Winter is her own 16-year-old woman with a chic fashion sense to match. Click through some of Winter's most stylish moments, and you'll be saying, "Alex who?"

Image: Pawel Kaminski/Lifetime

'Modern' Style

This is how we usually see Winter, as nerdy, angsty teen Alex on Modern Family. Alex prizes the power of the mind over the power of a mini-skirt, so she doesn’t put as much effort into her appearance as big sister Haley. And the hilarity ensues!

Image: ABC

Winter IRL

And this is what Winter looks like when she’s not at work. I think her Modern Family character Alex looks perfectly fine, but you can’t deny that Winter cleans up pretty great, right?

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Brace for Beauty

Growing up in show business isn’t easy, and it’s especially not easy when you’ve got to wear the stereotypically not-so-great accessory of braces everywhere you go. But Winter didn’t let that stop her from working it as she straightened her smile.

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Chic Co-Stars

On Modern Family, Sarah Hyland’s character Haley may be “the hot one,” but off-camera, they’re pretty much tied for best-dressed Dunphy kid.

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Dress Your Age

These days, Winter can usually be seen in fun, colorful, pretty outfits on the red carpet, like this two-piece skirt and crop top combo at the premiere of Hasbro Studios’ My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks on Sept. 27, 2014. Child stars are often forced to grow up way too soon, but Winter usually dresses in age-appropriate outfits, and I’m always happy to see that.

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Blond Ambition

Though Winter’s fashion choices are never too outlandish, she isn’t afraid to switch it up every once in a while. She veered away from her natural brunette hair color and dyed her hair red and then blond in 2013, before returning to her dark, brown hair color. Hey, you can never beat the original.

Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just Like Mila

I think Winter is a dead ringer for a younger Mila Kunis, don’t you? I’m so glad they’ve been photographed together so the whole world can know what I’m talking about.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Early Bloomer

Some people have pointed out how, shall we say, mature Winter looks at only 16 years old. But instead of being embarrassed about her large assets as some women are when they develop them at such a young age, Winter chose to show them off, in a tasteful way of course, at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards. And she couldn’t be cooler for doing that.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Risky Romper

Though Winter typically sticks to floor-length gowns and knee-length cocktail dresses for her red carpet appearances, she does take some fashion risks every once in a while as she did in this retro-inspired romper at the opening of Disneyland’s Car Land on June 13, 2012. And if you can’t wear a romper at “the Happiest Place on Earth,” where can you?

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Emmy Win

We’ve watched Winter grow up on Modern Family, now in its sixth season on ABC. And we’ve also seen her grow into a style role model for women everywhere.

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