Why Are Taylor & Diplo Feuding?

by Marenah Dobin

Uh oh. Diplo just dissed Taylor Swift. Several times. The DJ tweeted quite a bit on Wednesday about starting a campaign to get Taylor Swift a new booty. Umm... what? In fact, a Diplo fan started an actual page where people can donate money to the "cause." This just raises so many questions. The main question being: Why? Why is this happening? Why are Taylor Swift and Diplo feuding? Do these two even know each other? Also, I can't help but think about what would happen to the funds collected from this webpage... But I guess I need to tackle one question at a time.

Usually Taylor Swift is the one throwing shade in interviews, songs, and music videos. Why would Diplo dare to mess with the shade master? I am pretty much the only woman my age who does not stan hard for Swift, and I am not at all comfortable admitting that publicly. I am a little bit afraid of Swift and her legion of fans. I know the Swifties are hating on Diplo on Twitter because of what I found when I searched "Taylor Swift Diplo." (Complicated research, I know.) I am sure Swift is in her lair with her kittens and chunky sweaters plotting some kind of clever diss for the DJ. It's just never a smart idea to diss Taylor Swift and this brings me back to the original question: Why would Diplo start a feud with Taylor Swift?

It has not been officially confirmed, but there is speculation that Diplo is dating Katy Perry. They were seen at Coachella together earlier this year, and he was at her birthday celebration in October. Perry also tweeted "Happy Birthday" on the DJ's b-day. I think those three points of evidence pretty much confirm there is some type of relationship going on whether it's romantic or not.

In September 2014, Swift did a Rolling Stone interview and addressed her new song "Bad Blood." She said it was about a female pop star who she is "straight up enemies with." She also claimed that this enemy "basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under [her]." TMZ reports that three dancers asked for a 30-day out clause when they signed up for Swift's tour because they already committed to go on the road with Perry after. Apparently this angered Swift. After the interview came out, Perry tweeted a Mean Girls reference that many believe compared Swift to Regina George.

Now, in November, Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" music video was released and, of course, the world was loving and analyzing every bit of it. And, as it appears to me, Swift threw some shade in the video. There is a scene that seems to parody the famous Mean Girls bit where Regina George puts on a shirt with holes cut over the nipples.

Looks pretty on point to me.

And now we're back to Perry and her Regina George tweet. This music video shade has to be what sent Diplo on to Twitter looking to get Swift a butt. Or if not the video itself, it would be surprising if Diplo calling out Swift wasn't somehow related to Perry.

Still, I have no idea why Diplo chose to bring this back up again. There's no point in attacking Swift. He should have defended his (rumored) lady by letting the Swift/Perry feud die, not by perpetuating the drama and making it worse.

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