Steal Ashley Benson's Style (Even If You're Broke)

An afternoon spent rummaging through Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson's closet? Umm, yes please. The clothes featured on the hit show is just as addictive as the drama and have inspired tons of fashion wishlists. But if you think only the characters have that crazy cool style sense, you'd be just as wrong as every time you tried to guess who A was. During an interview with The Coveteur , Ashley Benson (my personal favorite Little Liar) opened the doors to her closet in all its glory, proving that the actresses behind those infamous liars are just as fashionable as their TV counterparts. Balenciaga boots, basket-weave Chanel, Maison Michel, and Valentino. This is the stuff dreams are made of...

I don't know you, but after seeing these pics, I just added "Play dress-up with a PLL" to my bucket list. Sadly, I do not see that happening in the foreseeable future, nor do I think that my poor little credit card could keep up with Benson's fondness for Saint Laurent goodies. So to satisfy my thirst for some Pretty Little Liars style and obsession for practically everything in Ashley Benson's closet, I've unearthed some copycat pieces that those of us who don't happen to be the star of a hit show can actually afford.

1. A Ruby Red Blazer with Lips To Match

Because every gal needs a bright blazer and this confident red is the perfect pop of color your winter wardrobe needs.

The Cheap Alternative...

H&M's Fitted Blazer, $24.95

2. Maison Michel Lace Kitty Ears

Sorry, but I can't justify spending $300 on a pair of cat ears (seriously.)

The Cheap Alternative...

Black Lace Cat Ears, by ChefBizzaro on Etsy, $45

3. Benson's Crazy Cool Cheetah Coat

It's $1,500 from Carven but you can get the same growl-power for much less.

The Cheap Alternative...

Notched-Lapel Leopard Print Coat by Guess, $178

4. A Massive Mustard Sweater

Nothing goes better with a warm, oversized sweater than a toasty fall color...

The Cheap Alternative...

Nasty Gal's You're Getting Warmer Sweater, $68

5. Benson's Badass Fringed Motorcycle Jacket

You can be too cool for Rosewood High School, too. But it won't cost you the hefty $500 price tag of this DKNY jacket.

The Cheap Alternative...

Highway To Hell Fringe Jacket at Nasty Gal, $98

6. An Oversized Camel Coat

Curling up in an oversized coat never looked so chic.

The Cheap Alternative...

ASOS's Camel Cocoon Coat, $161

Images: TheCoveteur/Twitter; itsashbenzo/Instagram; Courtesy Brands