Emily's Father Might Betray Her Again on 'Revenge'

If the Revenge creators are even remotely intelligent, Victoria Grayson absolutely survived her accident. The show would be nothing without the rivalry between Emily Thorne and Victoria — so more than likely, her accident in Episode 7 was written in as a way to buy time for establishing an Emily-David Clarke relationship. In fact, Sunday's episode is titled Contact, which just makes me think the episode will be dedicated to Emily's desperate attempts to win back her father. Madeleine Stowe alluded to Victoria's potential death sometime this season, but I am just not convinced this is it. Instead, the fun seems to only have just begun since she told E! Online that Emily and Victoria would go head-to-head to control David. Ultimately, it appears Contact might show Emily forcing her estranged father to choose between his two loves — and I don't think she's going to like his answer.

Emily completely ambushed her father in a rage of tears and confessions, and David was immediately convinced this was his daughter. (Really though, why has no one noticed the super-Clarke tattoo on her wrist and put two and two together?) He should have realized right then and there that Victoria was the source of all the mayhem when she shadily tried to escape. But, no, that would be too simple. Promos imply that David is still under Victoria's spell — liar or not.

Evidently, David is still going to hope for Victoria's recovery in order to hear both sides of the story. Ever since Emily suspected David was lying about Conrad keeping him in captivity all these years, she's been a little skeptical about his character and is still clearly unsure of exactly what else he's lying about — let alone what he's capable of. However, all hell broke loose when she found out he had been watching her (well, fake Amanda) the whole time and never bothered to reveal himself.

I have never in Revenge history felt so bad for Emily as I did when she found out her father willingly betrayed her. After finding the pictures, she knew for sure that he wasn't in captivity but instead in hiding and, worse, in close enough proximity to keep a watchful eye on the woman he thought was his daughter. He could have come to her, but he didn't — not even to the fake Amanda. Now, to make things worse, he's determined to hear Victoria out before making any rash decisions. Because, in his mind, both his daughter and his lover suffered when he was convicted. Problem is, he still believes Victoria had nothing to do with it.

Emily has no choice but to convince David that Victoria is the disaster that she is, but I don't think he will be easily persuaded. David betrayed Emily once already, and keeping Victoria in his life would only make her suffer more. But based on Stowe's hints, my guess is David won't have the heart to choose. Emily will have to share her long lost father with the woman who took him from her in the first place. Poor girl can't catch a break.

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