It Can't Be Carol's Time To Die on 'TWD'

The Walking Dead finally rewarded us with an episode focusing solely on the badassery of Carol and Daryl in "Consumed" on Nov. 16. Yet with this reward, comes a cost since previews shown during Talking Dead hinted at Carol possibly dying — but I'm here to say why Carol can't die. Now, Carol's death would result in many The Walking Dead fans rioting, but it wouldn't be as extreme as say, Daryl or Rick dying (Rick Grimes for president!). That doesn't mean I will not 100 percent flip out if Carol does go (as opposed to flipping out 95 percent). An episode like "Consumed" always makes me extremely nervous because an intense focus on one character can feel like a swan song for them. After giving us an episode of just Carol and Daryl one-on-one (something I never realized I could even have!), could The Walking Dead really take her away from us? Out of the initial people Rick met up with, the only survivors are Carl, Daryl, Glenn, and Carol (and I guess Judith technically). With so few original members left, would the show get rid of one more?

A theme of "Consumed" was whether or not the survivors get the opportunity to save people anymore. Carol no longer feels that they can make that choice, while Daryl does. (And did you notice how little dialogue there was in "Consumed"? Caryl is so in sync, they can move without speaking.) Based on her loss of faith, how could Daryl and Co. not save her?! Doesn't Carol deserve to know there is still goodness (albeit only a little) left in this world?

But that's not the only reason Carol should survive. Here are some others:

She's Awesome

Uh, this is super obvious, but Carol is freakin' awesome. And if you were on the fence about Carol's awesomeness credentials, her killing Lizzie in Season 4 and her breaking into Terminus in Season 5 should have officially won you over. (And if you are still on the fence, you don't deserve Carol or The Walking Dead, dammit!) I know it feels pretty wrong to cheer for a character because she killed a little girl, but just cause Lizzie was little, doesn't mean she was good. She had serious mental health issues that could not be adequately taken care of while trying to keep a baby alive in the midst of zombies. Carol made a hard choice — and she did what she felt needed to be done. I don't know any other character on the show who would have been capable of that (including Mr. Rick Grimes).

She Deserves Salvation (Not in a Death Way)

OK. We know life isn't fair. And life in the zombie apocalypse has zero semblance to fairness. Some people may say that Carol has death coming to her for all of the people she has killed. But I think she deserves a break. Besides the killing of Karen and David, I have been completely behind her decisions (maybe too passionately as illustrated in the above point). Carol had a tough life even before zombies took over, as "Consumed" reminded us of by having her return to the emergency housing that she would go to with Sophia (due to the domestic violence she suffered from by her husband). Carol has really grown as a character and as a woman, and it would seem like such a waste to lose this fascinating person. Can we please not go all "an eye for an eye" on her?


If you're turning to The Walking Dead solely for romance, I'd have to say you should probably reevaluate your priorities, but a little love in the zombie-filled air never hurt anyone (errr except maybe Shane — and Lori). Anyways, Glenn and Maggie have long been paired off so although we get some tender moments between them, it's not often anymore. Daryl and Carol are our best hope of any sort of romance (I am not counting Rosita and Abraham since I'm officially creeped out by Eugene watching them have sex). Yes, there are Richonne (Rick-Michonne) 'shippers out there, but the tension between Carol and Daryl has been building since Season 2. If they kill her off, Daryl would be devastated, which is almost reason enough to keep her alive. So as an official plea to the creators of The Walking Dead — think of the 'shippers for goodness' sake! And don't kill Carol, please.

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