How Do You Pronounce Worcestershire Sauce?

Internet, meet the latest person to fall victim to the unpronounceable bane that is the word "Worcestershire". Chef Pasquale Sciarappa is an adorable old Italian man who runs the cooking vlog "Orsara Recipes" on YouTube, making traditional (and tasty!) dishes such as tomato sauce, stuffed mushrooms, and bacon-wrapped figs. In case that alone doesn't meet your "d'awwww" capacity for the day, Sciarappa just released a video of outtakes (who doesn't love a good blooper reel?) in which he tries ("tries" being the key word here) to pronounce "Worcestershire", that timeless bitch of a word, as best as he can. And it is super. Freaking. Hilarious.

A few of his pronunciation guesses include:

"Wurst-er-shoo-sher" (The worst shoe shiner?)

"Wanda-shoosh-shoosh" (Who is this "Wanda" and why are you shushing her?)

"Wahn-chest-our-shine" (Shiny chests? Like treasure chests?!)

"Wahn-chest-she-shar" (Ok now you want to take Char's chest? Is this dirty?)

"Wahn-chest-shah-reed" (You want rest and sherry? Don't we all, my friend.)

He quickly gives up on this impossible task and decides to just Italianize the phrase, giving us even more giggles.

In Italian, we get:

"wor-chest-er-sheer-ay sa-ou-che" (You could serve me mac & cheese or something at an upscale restaurant under this name and I would definitely just accept it as fancy, no questions asked.)

"wahn-chest-eer sa-ou-che" (Getting closer! I think.)

I laugh, but I have no idea how to properly pronounce it either. Wurst-er-shire? Wore-cest-er-shire? The pronunciation struggle is sooo incredibly real.

Image: YouTube