This Is One Way to Get Close to Justin

When I was a child, my room was decorated with Lion King wallpaper and a matching bedspread. This totally made sense, since it was the greatest Disney movie ever...or at least I thought so as a kid. Have you ever wondered what celebrities' childhood bedrooms looked like? Probably not, but I'll tell you anyway. Justin Bieber's grandparents are selling their home, where Biebs reportedly spent 80 percent of his time growing up. That stat comes from TMZ, but I wonder how accurate it is. Like, did he actually spend 80 percent of his time there? Who calculated that? Anyway, the home in Ontario is selling for $279,000 — and the best part is that Justin's room remains intact. Apparently, whoever buys it can get his former furniture with their purchase.

The walls are covered with Toronto Maple Leafs wallpaper (aka Justin's fave hockey team), along with a matching comforter. While this sounds cool, I've got to wonder if it really hasn't been changed since his childhood. I highly doubt his grandparents were like, "Yes, one day Justin will be famous, so we won't throw out a single thing." Also, I honestly think it's so strange that his own family would try to make a profit off of their grandson's fame. Who does that?!

According to TMZ, the family is hoping that Bieber's fame will help sell the house. That may seem logical, but I can't imagine that a Belieber's parents would decide to up and move just so their daughter could live in a room that Justin slept in a decade ago. But then again, you never know! Some people really are super fans.

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There are other appealing attributes to the house (besides Biebs' DNA). The listing says:

Custom designed kitchen that the whole family will enjoy! Patio doors to deck & nearly completed fenced yard. Three bedrooms and a spacious 4 pc bath with whirlpool tub. Another 2 pc down plus family sized rec room - everyone can come over for Christmas. Extra deep garage for car & work bench. Close to park and the mall. Updated windows. New 2014 2 stage hi-efficiency gas furnace. Air conditioner. Will sell furnished is desired by purchaser.

Really? Everyone can come over for Christmas? How convenient. Plus, now I'm just picturing an adolescent Justin walking over to the nearby mall or chilling in the whirlpool tub and giving himself a beard out of soap bubbles (like the time he did that as an adult).

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Even though I'm still caught up on the fact that his family would sell him out, I did some research and discovered that he's actually pretty close to his grandparents. Back in June, they accompanied Justin and Selena Gomez on a date to the zoo. He also brought them to the Believe premiere in 2013, where his grandma joked that he should "pick up his pants." Still, despite that dig, it seems like they're on good terms.

Considering the fact that Bieber has a very carefree attitude, maybe he doesn't mind that his grandparents are selling his old room to make some cash. He hasn't gone on any Twitter rants about it. It could very well be a good thing — like they're trying to do the world a favor and give one of his fans the great gift of residing in his old room. Who knows! We'll just have to wait and see who buys it.

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