Could Jess' Latest 'New Girl' Romance Stick?

As much as I desperately want a Nick and Jess reunion, it appears the writers have other plans in mind… at least for the time being. Tuesday's New Girl episode "Teachers" found Jess on a teaching retreat with Ryan, the handsome new hire in the form of Julian Morris who, if you recall, Miss Day has a serious crush on. (Who could blame her?) And while some of you may have thought (nay, hoped) that nothing could come of this relationship due to the fact that, you know, dating your boss isn't exactly the most appropriate thing in the world, this little excursion changed all of that.

Thanks in large part to the retreat's teaching guru Brenda, played by Lisa Bonet, Jess gets to know Ryan, who (surprise, surprise!) is an all-around great guy. So after he saved a very drunk Coach from drowning in the swimming pool, Jess had no choice but to let her feelings for him be known. And guess what? He feels the same way, which leads them to share a romantic kiss in the parking lot with Coach as their witness.

Obviously, this is sure to disappoint Nick and Jess 'shippers, but before you start passing out the torches and pitchforks, I feel like it's important to say that I don't consider this relationship to be a threat. In fact, I highly doubt the two of them are going to last. Why? For starters, he seems too good to be true. For me, Nick's faults are what make him so lovable, so the fact that Ryan is being portrayed as the perfect guy kinda makes him seem slightly boring. Sure, Ryan and Jess may both love to scrapbook on rainy days and own spools of yarn, but there is such a a thing as having too much in common. And I feel like that could end up being their fatal flaw.

I'm not saying Ryan won't stick around longer than some of the other guys we've seen Jess carrying on with. I just know, deep down in my heart that he's no Nick Miller. The way I see it, Nick and Jess are endgame and it's going to take more than a hot British guy to make this particular 'ship sink.

Images: Jennifer Clasen/FOX; Giphy