Meghan Trainor's New Video Misses an Opportunity

Meghan Trainor arrived with "All About that Bass" and now she's here to stay with "Lips are Movin." The new single is as infectious as her breakthrough hit. She's got a retro vibe with undeniably catchy beats and enough bubble gum without being totally cheesy. It's sort of like Adele and nouveau Taylor Swift had a dance party and Meghan Trainor came out. With "Lips are Movin," Trainor builds her recognizable pastel brand. She's approachable, fun, and delightfully cheeky. The song is as upbeat as breakup songs can get and tells the lyin' man who is behind those movin' lips that his butt has been curbed.

What "Lips are Movin" is lacking, and what many fans might miss, is a mention of an alleged body-positive message. However, the new single is all about not accepting nor allowing people to treat you like crap and that's a pretty positive message, too. Nevertheless, it would have been refreshing to see varied body types in the music video. The dancers Trainor chose are all up to Hollywood's impossible standards of body beauty, which is to say, they're mostly all thin, athletic, and sporting six-packs. Trainor misses an opportunity to be known as the pop star who practices what she preaches and celebrates different body shapes in all of her videos. It's a shame that wasn't carried through.

Love or hate the video, the song will certainly get stuck in your head.

Click here to watch the new video.

Image: MeghanTrainorVEVO/YouTube