Are Mark & Sarah 'Parenthood' Endgame? Mr. Cyr Is Back & Hank Is Pretty Chummy With His Ex...

I've been trying to ignore the reality of the situation, but it's inevitable: Parenthood is ending forever, and the final season is more than halfway over. And I hate it. Fortunately, there's still a lot that needs to happen before we say goodbye to the Bravermans for good, and it definitely sounds like the rest of the season is going to be packed with relationship drama. Of course, there's a lot going down with Joel and Julia right now, but they're distracting us with another potential rift we could see forming as early as Thursday's episode — one between Sarah and Hank now that good old Mr. Cyr is making a return. Are Mark & Sarah Parenthood's endgame?

In sneak peeks NBC released for Episode 9, we get a glimpse of Mark at an assembly at Ruby's school, and Sarah, Hank, and Hank's ex-wife are there to see him in all his glory. And although nothing is said out loud, it's easy to see that Hank is already over the Sarah relationship. It takes all of about a second to figure out where Parenthood is going with this: The love triangle between Sarah, Hank, and Mark is about to reform right in front of our very eyes, and this time, I have a hunch that Sarah's going to veer off on to the road she didn't take last time this happened and choose Mark instead.

If there's anything the show has taught us in the past six seasons it's that Jason Katims and his team are pretty divisive. They aren't going to give us scenes in an episode or exchanges between characters that mean nothing, especially this late in the game. Hank and Sandy have been getting along suspiciously well lately, and I suspect a reunion in their future, thus leaving Sarah available to get back together with Mark without having to break Hank's heart. From the glances she and Mark exchange in the preview, the feelings she had for him are very much still there.

Hank is a good guy, although he is getting way too much screen time when I'd rather spend more time with the Bravermans while I can. But how could you not be in love with someone as cute and big-hearted as Mr. Cyr, who's proven his love for Sarah again and again, despite how many times she's changed her mind on him? It's a storyline that's run through the entire course of the show, and it would be very satisfying to see Sarah and Mark finally end up together and get their happily ever after.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC