Is Cameron Dallas in College? The Vine Star's Post-High School Plan Involves a Lot of Camera Time

There have never been more opportunities to become a celebrity than there are now. Just about anyone is liable to become famous via Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, working at Target — and recently, there's been a serious influx of brand new celebrities being born in six seconds or less on Vine. I'll admit it: My Vine literacy is not the best. I usually only visit the site to feed my baby fever with the adorable videos Katie Ryan posts of her toddler, Ava, who is the most precious tot in the entire world. But apparently, this Cameron Dallas guy is a huge deal, and now that I've seen him, I understand why. He could easily pass for a member of One Direction, but unfortunately, at 20, he's a bit too young for me. Now that Dallas has moved out to LA with fellow Vine star Nash Grier, what's next? Is Cameron Dallas in college? It doesn't sound like it, but we do know he is pretty busy.

Although Dallas has kept quiet silent about plans he's making in his personal life, the ones that involve his future in the entertainment industry have been slowly revealing themselves. First up, the premiere of his first movie, Expelled , which is happening in December. This is a pretty big deal in itself for someone who's used to making movies on Vine, right? Aside from Expelled, as part of his deal with AwesomenessTV, Dallas will also "do skits and produce YouTube videos." Who knew that combining a talent for making 6-second long videos and being really, really good looking could lead to such a solid career?

In an interview along with Grier on My Fox NY in May, the AwesomenessTV gig was described as a "side gig for Grier, who is still in high school, and the full time job for Dallas is bringing in money." So, sounds like he wasn't enrolled in college.

In addition to the film and YouTube videos, Dallas is also designing a line for Aeropostale alongside Grier and their Vine peers Hayes Grier and Carter Reynolds. The line is already in stores and available online, so if Dallas wants to consider fashion design as a career, his resume is being built as we speak.

Not that he needed Aeropostale, of course — Dallas already had a line of merchandise being sold through his official website for his fans. His offerings include everything from phone cases to sweatpants to tank tops and crop tops, some featuring Dallas's beautiful, beautiful face... and occasionally, he's shirtless. Wait, maybe I should get into this whole Vine thing?

In the meantime, you can catch up with Dallas on Twitter, where he does a little thing he likes to call #CallMeCam on the regular. You just have to tweet him, and he will call you. No seriously, that's a thing, and more celebrities should do it. You work on Ryan Gosling, and I'll try to get #CallMeHarry started. Deal?