Sean Hayes Marries Longtime Partner Scott Icenogle, Is No Longer "Just Jack!" — PHOTO

Open the bubbly, bust out the dance moves, and put on some Cher, because Sean Hayes is officially a married man! That's right, Hayes, known for starring as Jack McFarland on Will & Grace, wed his longtime partner of eight years, Scott Icenogle, in a secret ceremony. The two announced their engagement just a short three weeks ago, and, apparently, they didn't want to waste anytime tying the knot.

Hayes broke the news on his social media accounts Thursday by sharing an adorable photo (below) with the following caption,

Here’s a #TBT photo of @scotticenogle and me getting married last week. Took us 8 years but we did it!

Talk about freaking sweet. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this on definitely is. They look blissfully happy to be officially married. Can I also mention how much I love their suits and that they're both wearing blues and grays? What dapper gentleman! The wedding took place sometime last week, but no other details have been released. I bet it was a joyous and fun occasion. I can only hope Hayes busted out some "Just Jack" dance moves, all while dancing to the amazing Cher, Janet Jackson, and Britney Spears — that's what his character would do, after all.

Congrats to the happy couple!