How Long Was Scott Disick In Rehab?

Full disclosure: I am emotionally invested in Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's relationship success. And, after three weeks of watching Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons, I'm concerned for them. (Even though I obviously know that Kourtney and Scott are still together.) Last Sunday, Scott was hospitalized on the show for mixing alcohol and pills and, in upcoming promos for the reality series' new episode, Scott is going to rehab. But it doesn't seem like he's going to stay very long.

This isn't the first and, unfortunately, probably not the last time Kourtney is going to have to give Scott this ultimatum. (He doesn't have a great track record of learning from his mistakes.) And, I'm starting to feel like I can only excuse Scott's behavior with the fact that he's grieving the loss of his two parents for so much longer — which is probably where Kourtney is at this point on KKTTH as well.

The promo for Sunday's episode of KKTTH , features Scott "facing his future" and it doesn't look like it's going to be easy. Scott's clearly realized that he needs help and that he can't fix his problem alone and he's going to try rehab out.

But it really doesn't seem like he's going to stay, from the tone of his voiceover in the promo. Scott talks about feeling alone and sounds like, while rehab is supposed to be helping him, it might actually be making his depression worse. Rehab can't possibly be easy and being away from his family — regardless of his behavior — has to be difficult while he's still mourning the loss of his parents. Obviously Kourtney wants what's best for the father of her children and, if he really feels like he's not getting any better, it's possible that she might let him come home. She has, in the past, given Scott more than his fair share of second chances — especially when he assures her that he's going to try.

So, how long will Scott actually stay in rehab? Judging by the promo, it seems like Scott's going to enter rehab and be out by the time the episode ends on Sunday night. Hopefully, it's the right thing for him and he'll find another way to try and get better.