Trevor & Tosca Befriend Carl the Reindeer on 'Slednecks' & Hilari-pee Ensues

Thursday night's episode of MTV reality show Slednecks was a whopping 90 minutes long (I know what I'm gonna say I'm thankful for at the dinner table this Thanksgiving!), and yes, a ton went down: A majority of the cast trekked on out to Kotzebue to visit Jackie’s family and attend a festival. Dylan bravely entered the muktuk-eating contest. (He did not win. He did, however, run away from the muktuk contest table to vomit behind a fence.) Kelly, Sierra, and Samantha got tangled up in a love triangle. (Man, that took a real gnarly turn at the end of the ep, eh?) Dylan wingman’d for Big Mike. Trevor and Tosca reconciled. (There were literal fireworks.) Oh, and! An adorable reindeer temporarily joined the cast! And I fell in love with the adorable reindeer immediately!

Before he headed out to Kotzebue with Jackie & co., Zeke left a reindeer in Trevor’s back house (the details as to how he acquired the reindeer from the reindeer farm are fuzzy, but I'm trying to not get caught up in the nitty-gritty). Zeke also left a Post-It note:

Enjoy — Zeke

How very Jack Berger of you, per se!

The reindeer farm was closed until the following Monday, so Carl/Malou stayed with Trevor and Tosca. Carl/Malou was a very polite houseguest, aside from frequently taking a leak indoors, that is.

"He pees and eats at the same time," Trevor observed. "It’s so tight that he pees everywhere."

Trevor wasn’t kidding. Carl/Malou truly did urinate everywhere. (Whether or not Carl/Malou’s peeing habits are “tight” is totally subjective.)

Carl/Malou and Trevor were fast friends. So, what did Carl/Malou and Trevor do together? Oh, man. So many things. So many terrific things: Carl/Malou and Trevor frolicked through some tall grass. Carl/Malou and Trevor ran errands together. Trevor and Tosca took Carl/Malou out to dinner. Trevor took Carl/Malou to work. (We only saw a brief clip, so it’s hard to say whether or not Carl/Malou made a good impression on Leonard.)

Like I said, so many terrific things.

Just look at these two BFFs being BFFs:

When it was time for Carl/Malou to go back to the reindeer farm, Trevor summed up the moment beautifully:

What me and Carl had was real. We had something going on, we bonded.


I’m kind of bummed out to say goodbye to my best friend.

And I was kind of bummed out to say goodbye to my new favorite Sledneck.

Images: MTV (2)