'Strange Magic' Trailer Is Very Intriguing & Makes This a Must-See Film — VIDEO

Hopefully by now everyone has had time to fully digest the fact that George Lucas wrote an entire Disney movie and miraculously kept his involvement under wraps until the film's January 2015 release date was recently announced. How he managed to pull off that feat may require some in-depth investigation from those Harvard scholars who analyzed the mechanics behind Beyoncé's surprise album. But for now, those who are interested can finally get a glimpse at what the Star Wars filmmaker's covert creative efforts have yielded through the release of the Strange Magic trailer.

Much to the chagrin of Frozen fans, Strange Magic isn't the highly-anticipated sequel people expected, but rather a modernized Lucasfilm take on A Midsummer Night's Dream. Lucas' success with otherworldly creations will likely continue with this animated film, which is extremely unique, to say the least. At 2:34, the Strange Magic trailer features a few standout moments that have me intrigued enough to want to add it to my list of must-see films for 2015.

Without giving away too much of the clip, one of the film's characters is a hunky, blond guy with a stereotypical country drawl. He appears to be a little, well actually a lot, self-absorbed, and sort of reminds me of a country music star, only animated and fairytale-like. He also seems to be really obsessed with his hair (which looks great, by the way). Also, there's a squirrel wearing a harness, which was completely confusing, but not more puzzling than—wait for it—a revival of the Riverdance. The film also includes a pretty outstanding singing from Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming, who voice the film's main characters. Kristin Chenoweth is also involved, along with Maya Rudolph and Elijah Kelley.

Check out the trailer of Strange Magic below:

Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.