How To Stop Your Friends From Falling Asleep On Your Couch This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is great and all, but after all the food and all the fun, there are certain post-Thanksgiving thoughts that are bound to be running through your head — most of them are probably along the lines of "I want to take a nap." Don't give in! And more importantly, don't let your guests give in, either. There is more celebrating to be done, and that can't happen if you're all passed out on the couch 15 minutes after the table has been cleared.

As you prep for the holiday, you must not forget to make plans for post-dinner activities. The hour between dinner and dessert is crucial for avoiding a house full of sleepy zombies. Don't plan on "winging" it. Whether you are hosting only vegetarians on Thanksgiving or plan on exclusively serving turkey, your guests will be sleepy after the amazing meal, tryptophan or no tryptophan.

As a host, you obviously want everyone to have a good time, but as a person you don't want to deal with a bunch of sleepy friends reclining on your couch. It's awesome to have friends sleep over, but maybe not when it's all of them... at once... when you are equally sleepy but still have hosting duties. And dishes to wash. Also, shouldn't they be helping you clean up instead of snoozing? Besides reminding your guests to get a full night's sleep before they make the trek over to your place for Thanksgiving, or silently giving them each a shot of espresso before dinner, here are five ways to keep your friends from falling asleep on your couch. Because seriously. How awkward is that?

1. Keep the turkey away

Friends don't let friends binge on turkey and sleep on couches. Limit their turkey intake so everyone doesn't crash as soon as you start to clear the plates. It may sound cruel, but it's necessary. Pass around those vegetable side dishes one more time instead.

2. Keep it noisy

While you wash the seemingly endless pile of dishes and your friends retire to the couch, feel free to bang some pots together like a good old fashioned wake-up call. Or, you can go the much more traditional and rational route, and put on some loud music or start an engaging conversation. Perhaps if you have some news to break, this is the moment. There's nothing more annoying than emerging from the kitchen to see a group of sleepy friends making your couch their napping place. It's time to snap them out of it.

3. Keep them entertained

Make a mental note of some post-dinner games to play, like my personal favorite HedBanz, or even Apples to Apples. The winner gets to take home extra leftovers. Without some games lined up, your friends — and you — will probably want to watch TV, a natural sleep aid.

4. Keep them caffeinated

Bring out the coffee ASAP! You'll want to get that caffeine pumping through everyone's systems quickly to counteract the carb-o-load you all just experienced. Sip on some joe while you play a competitive round of Cards Against Humanity. That will get the blood flowing for sure.

5. Keep it honest

After dessert, just tell your friends to hit the road and call it a night. Thanksgiving is exhausting for all of us. Say goodnight to your pals, and cozy up with some Thanksgiving TV.

Images: Alexis Tait/Flickr; Giphy (5)