Wanna Play Dress Up With North?

When I was a little girl, I loved playing with dolls. Barbies, baby dolls, even paper dolls (they were so much cheaper than the American Girl Dolls, and you could make so many outfit changes!). But to help that seem a little bit cooler, a new celebrity paper doll has been made, and the odd part is, the star it's modeled after is probably not old enough to even understand what's going on. Vulture made a North West paper doll. So that exists.

The paper doll version of Kimye's offspring comes complete with Air Yeezys, a leather jacket, Timberlands, her Pocahontas birthday outfit, and a mini paper Oscar de la Renta gown (which, sadly, is the closest I'd ever come to owning an Oscar creation). It's slightly strange to immortalize a toddler this way, but then again, she is a member of the First Family of Fashion.

So for everyone who wants to be slightly creepy, you can head on over to Vulture and print out a set of your own. But you might need to stock up on ink, because if Nori's wardrobe keeps growing at the rate that has been, there will be a lot of printing going on with all the Balmains and Lanvins, and, you know, Yeezus apparel added to her collection.

Images: Getty Images; soapmgzn/Twitter