Katy Perry Criticizes Australian Paparazzi With a Powerful Tweet

There’s no denying it: Paparazzi can be the worst. When they’re not busy photographing celebrity children who don’t even understand what Hollywood is at their age, they’re often targeting innocent female stars by invading their privacy and even snapping pics of them in their most personal moments. Remember when paparazzi took photos of Kate Middleton while she was sunbathing topless on a private boat? Not only were their acts revolting, but everyone — not just royalty — was angry. So, it’s completely understandable that Katy Perry took to Twitter to criticize the paparazzi on Friday after being hounded by the Australian paparazzi during a stop in Sydney for her Prismatic World Tour.

Based on her exchange with them, I’m not surprised why she called them perverted — in all caps I might add — in her tweet.

“They told me to make a ‘deal’ with them,” Perry said. “Give them a bathing suit shot and they would leave me be.”

Ugh, so vile. It’s pretty sad to see that a celebrity like Perry can’t even spend one day on the sunny beaches of Australia without having to worry about who might be lurking nearby to take her photo. The worst part is that these paparazzi are taking the celebrities' images for money, basically selling actress' bodies for cash.

So I’m glad Perry was able to stand up for herself by posting her message for all the world to see, condemning this invasion of privacy. I hope that after reading her message, even more celebrity women begin standing up to the paparazzi, because what they’ve been doing is completely unacceptable.