Are Beth & Noah On 'The Walking Dead' 'Shippable? Could They Be a Thing?

It's pretty official, guys — Noah is going to join forces with Daryl, Rick, & co. to save Carol and Beth. So with Noah being dedicated to the mission, could Beth and Noah start dating? Of all the people and story lines I need to worry about on The Walking Dead, I don't think their young romance should be one of them. The actor who plays Noah, Tyler James Williams, told Entertainment Weekly that, "[Noah's] intentions are good. He’s not just out here being malicious. He’s trying to survive and he’s trying to get back to Beth." But does wanting to save Beth equal being into Beth?

Although I think Noah may generally be a good person, he has two strikes against him for me to accept his coupledom with Beth. One: he attacked Daryl and Carol to steal their weapons. He's pretty unexperienced in the zombie-filled world outside of the hospital, so I could maybe let this one slide. He would have been smarter to talk to them and join up with them in their mission. But to be fair, Daryl and Carol were both looking pretty intense (Williams described them to EW as "beastly) and you never know who to trust. He just escaped one hostage situation — he didn't need to enter another.

The second strike is he let Beth take the fall for him so he could get away from Grady Memorial Hospital. After getting injured during their escape attempt, Beth fought off Dawn's officers while he lingered in the back and was able to run away.

While I was immediately filled with rage on her behalf (and I don't even like Beth that much), she seemed pleased that he got away. I'd hope I would have that kind of generous spirit during the zombie apocalypse, but I'm pretty sure I'd have more of the rage-fueled spirt of Michonne circa Season 3 (that's accepting the fact that I wouldn't even be a quarter of the badass she was/is).

But Williams immediately dispenses with the idea that Noah intentionally left Beth in the dust. He said to EW, "[Noah's] not going to leave Beth behind. He’s willing to rob Daryl and Carol to go get her." So I don't think Noah is untrustworthy, I just don't think he's worthy of Beth's affections at this moment. But I'd rather 'ship Noah and Beth than Daryl and Beth every hour of every day — because Daryl and Beth getting together would be the absolute worst. And being the worst in the zombie apocalypse is pretty freakin' bad.

The largest issue with the Beth and Noah 'ship though is that both Beth and Noah would have to survive before any sparks could start to fly between them. And although Beth wasn't the body wrapped in a sheet in "Consumed," she could still die in the midseason finale. And Noah is so new, the show could kill him before we really get to know him.

So before we get too into the hypothetical love situations, let's focus on having these characters survive. Then we can talk about them potentially becoming a couple.

Images: Gene Page/AMC; twdsource, sidneyprescots/Tumblr