Will Rebekah & Esther Become Allies on ‘The Originals’? Klaus’ Sister May Get an Offer She Can’t Refuse

We've waited all season and now the moment is finally here — Rebekah Mikaelson will appear on The Originals in Monday's episode "The Brothers That Care Forgot" and I for one could not be more thrilled. Ever since Claire Holt left The CW series last season, there's been a noticeable void in the Mikaelson clan, even with a new member popping up in a new body on a regular basis. But there was always something special about Rebekah that made her absence sting a little extra from the others. And now that she's back, I have a feeling we won't want to see her go. Let's not think about that right now, though. After all, there's plenty of drama that needs to unfold first — like the fact that Esther is made aware of Rebekah's whereabouts. But does she come as a friend or a foe?

As of now, it's unclear if Esther's attempt at reaching out is simply to get her daughter onboard with the whole mortality plan or if she is now aware that Baby Hope is still alive. Right now I'm inclined to think the former, given that Esther has already pleaded her case to both Klaus and Elijah, so Rebekah would be the next logical stop. However, one look at Rebekah with a baby and it wouldn't take long for Esther to piece it all together and realize that her Original grandbaby is alive and well, which explains why Rebekah seeks out her brothers for protection.

However, the thing that has me most intrigued about all this is the fact that Rebekah (as far as we know) is not yet aware of Esther's plan. For all we know, her brothers could've just told her that Esther was the one who wanted Hope killed, but left everything else out. What if, when Rebekah realizes she could become human again, she decides to take Esther up on the offer? E! Online managed to get their hands on an exclusive look at Monday's episode, which shows Rebekah and Elijah reunite and discuss what it's been like for her to take care of Hope these last few months.

“She’s made me realize how much I want that child of my own that I know I can’t have," Rebekah laments to her big brother (who looks positively dreamy holding a baby in his dapper arms BTW). So if she catches wind that Esther has the power to make that dream come true for her, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Rebekah became extremely tempted by the offer.

After all, it wasn't so long ago on The Vampire Diaries when she was so desperate to find the cure for vampirism. She wants to be human. And if mommy dearest has the ability to do so, Rebekah could be the next Mikaelson in line to accept Esther's deal, turning Klaus' baby sister from his alley into a potential enemy.

Of course, I doubt that such a deal would actually happen. For one, I hate the thought of Rebekah being in any body that doesn't belong to Claire Holt. But for another, things rarely ever work out in Rebekah's favor. She always seems to be the one making the most sacrifices for her family. So if her decision was to either live a normal life as a human or protect Hope from Esther's wrath, I'd be shocked if she didn't choose the latter.

But maybe that's what Julie Plec wants us to think. Perhaps Rebekah decides that she's tired of putting other people first and opts to align herself with Esther, leaving Hope in the charge of her real parents for protection from here-on out. It'd be a surprising betrayal and one that many would never see coming, but I can't say that I'd totally blame her for it.

Rebekah is the most human vampire I've ever known and deserves to finally get the chance at a happily ever after — something that Klaus has taken away from her time and time again. I just hope that in doing so she doesn't make an enemy out of her brothers in the process.

Images: Guy D'Alema/The CW (2); smoakfelicity/Tumblr