Stephen Collins' Divorce Lawyer Arrested For A DUI & It's Bad News For the '7th Heaven' Actor, Too

I can't say I see feel super sorry for the guy, alleged pedophilia admissions and all, but yep, Stephen Collins is having a crappy couple of months. Duh. Seems someone working for him isn't having a jolly old time either: Stephen Collins' divorce lawyer was arrested for a DUI.

Mark Vincent Kaplan's arrest took place on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles on Friday, Nov 21. Kinda fitting, if awful: Sunset Blvd's famous for various celebrity-related illegal mishaps. Kaplan's been representing Collins in his divorce from estranged wife Faye Grant, who recorded the 7th Heaven actor's alleged confession to inappropriate sexual behavior with underaged girls. According to The Hollywood Reporter Kaplan's previous credits include representing Kevin Federline in his divorce from and subsequent custody battle with Britney Spears.

Grant denies leaking the audio of Collins' alleged confessions, but People reports that Collins and Kaplan are trying to waive Grant's seeking of $13,000 in spousal support on the grounds that he's "lost all earning power because of the scandal" in the wake of the release of the audio. And yes, that does sound pretty effed up.

Who knows how Kaplan's arrest will affect the divorce's proceedings from here — he's been released from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and the divorce was already postponed til Jan 5.