Who is Claudia Jordan From RHOA? Her First Episode Proves She's Got Nothing To Hide

On the Nov. 23 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we finally got to meet new Housewife Claudia Jordan, who's new to Atlanta, in the city to cohost the Rickey Smiley radio show. She's a longtime friend of Kenya's, but so far we haven't seen her talk to many of the other girls. And with so much crazy Apollo news, we didn't even get her introduction until this third episode of the season.

She talked openly about how she's used to not fitting in with people because of her experience growing up mixed race. The Atlanta ladies have aren't always the most enlightened about things like intersectionality and I just think all the way back to last season, when Nene's friend came on the girls' trip to Savannah and Nene kept calling her "white" and just generally saying she wasn't black enough because she didn't know much about weave and was generally kind of an idiot. That's not Claudia. She is just supernaturally confident, and I doubt she'll take treatment like that from anyone. I mean, she talked about having sex so hard that her tooth fell out on national television (I mean, it was a temporary crown, but that is not an overshare for the faint of heart). Then, she unclipped her hair piece and threw it on a counter in front of her boss, again, on national television.

Porsha seems sure that Claudia won't be sticking around with Kenya for long what with Kenya's penchant for starting crap with everyone on the cast, but they seem pretty tight so far, especially because they've known one another for over 10 years. But if anyone has the ability to come between them, it's Porsha, who may not officially be a Housewife but who's on a rampage this year, clashing with Cynthia every week and the only one who still thinks that Kenya doesn't deserve an apology. Probably because Kenya's reunion craziness is still fresh in her mind.

But Porsha and Claudia work together at The Ricky Smiley Show, and are clearly sitting down together in the next episode, and Claudia uses those balls of steel to suggest that Kenya and Porsha should sit down and discuss their issues and maybe make up. Moderating that will take all of Claudia's confidence, bravery, and hosting skills — and even that probably won't make those two get along.

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