9 Beyonce Lyrics That Prove She’s Always Been Obsessed With 7-Eleven

Has your Monday productivity been desecrated because you're watching Beyoncé's "7/11" on repeat? That shot of her makin' her own breeze with a hairdryer is burned forever into my memory, filed under Goals. If there ever was a doubt that Bey knows how to get down and rage, that doubt has been destroyed. I love Bey wholly and unconditionally, but even I have to admit that, while her beats are bomb, sometimes her lyrics are a little strange. She has incredible lines like "I think I need a barber, none of you bitches can fade me," but then there's also stuff like "He Monica Lewinski'd all on my gown." (Hate to be a bummer, but it's more than a touch slut-shame-y.) And with "7/11," though the video is off the chain, my first thought was not "She's referencing getting lucky in gambling" but "Slurpees." (Some other theories here).

Is this because 7-Eleven is a household name? Is it because I have an unhealthy passion for convenience stores? I could easily drop $500 at one. Also, a point in my corner: in "Drunk in Love," Beyoncé uses 7-Eleven for a ballin' innuendo: "Park it in my lot, 7-Eleven." But maybe "7/11" is a coded shout-out. Maybe, even though Beyoncé is a queen that exists on a different plane than the rest of us proles, there is a human side of her that shamelessly ventures to 7-Eleven at 11 p.m. in scrubby pajamas to buy off-brand ice cream and discounted Revlon lipsticks.

Probably not, but here are nine Yoncé lyrics that could be applied to the wonderful world of the convenience store. If anything, I'd bet that 7-Eleven's stock is gonna go up today.

"Bow Down / I Been On"

"Coming down, I'm dripping candy on the ground."

Bey hit that blunt too hard, found herself in the candy aisle at 7-Eleven, and knocked all the Haribo Sour Peaches off the hook. She settles for Reese's Pieces.

"Drunk In Love"

"We be all night, and everything all right. No complaints from my body, so fluorescent under these lights."

So grateful is Bey for the 24-hour convenience of the 7-Eleven that she doesn't even mind the unflattering lighting if it means she can get Chex Mix at 4 a.m. (The lyric that follows this is "Park it in my lot, 7-Eleven." Case closed.)


"Make sure you clean that; it's the only way to get that flavor."

Bey is very particular and asks the 7-Eleven employee to clean out the Slurpee dispenser before she fills her Big Gulp. For max flavor.

"Pretty Hurts"

"Are you happy with yourself?"

Why did I eat those 7-Eleven neon nachos?

"Best Thing I Never Had"

"I wanted you bad. I'm so through with that, 'cause honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had."

Bey learns her lesson, and the next time she takes a drunk trip to 7-Eleven, she's proud of herself for resisting a hot dog.


"Lemme state facts: I told you gimme me a minute I'll be right back."

She's holding up the line, but she insists that she's just gonna run back and get an Arizona Iced Tea, so please don't take the next customer.

"I Was Here"

"I will leave my mark so everyone will know I was here."

Beyonce spills a Slurpee all over the tile. She's not sorry about it.

"Video Phone"

"Everything you sayin' soundin' good to me, no need to convince me anymore."

Jay Z is like, "Look, Bey, I know you want Doritos, but I think we should get Pretzel Flipz," and Bey is like, "Okay, I'm down."


Still not totally convinced this song is not about 7-Eleven, as in, the convenience store (and, as some locations will boast, "deli"). For example, "I know you thinkin' 'bout alcohol, I know I'm thinkin' 'bout that alcohol." Who hasn't had those thoughts when they see the Fireball whiskey miniatures for 99 cents near the register?

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