'Mrs. Doubtfire' Taught Us So Much About Parenting

There have been many remarkable Robin Williams films throughout the years, however, I've always found something particularly special about his 1993 hit comedy Mrs. Doubtfire , which debuted in theaters 21 years ago, believe it or not. Sure, the concept sounds pretty creepy every time you say it out loud: "Well, it's about this father who is so desperate to see his kids that he dresses as a 60-year-old female babysitter in order to be near them. Any questions?" Not exactly the most mentally stable decision anyone's ever made. But because it was portrayed by Robin Williams, somehow it was downright endearing.

And while I am not yet a parent myself, the film definitely gave me a brand new perspective on the parent-child bond that has managed to stick with me throughout all these years. Granted, some of Daniel Hillard's techniques are a little out there to be taken too seriously, but there are some very nice life lessons sprinkled throughout the film that we should all do well to keep in mind for our possible parenting years. Mistakes were made. Lines were crossed. Feelings were hurt. But just like how life isn't perfect, neither are parents.

So without further adieu, here are the most important life lessons Mrs. Doubtfire taught us about what it's actually like to be a parent.

You Have To Think On Your Feet

One of the most important skills in parenting has to be improvisation. I mean, from what I've seen, children can be completely unpredictable, so it's crucial for you to take things on as they come. Go with the flow, so to speak… even if that means diving headfirst into a cake, which actually sounds pretty awesome to me. And now I'm hungry.

Speaking Their Language Is Key

Even now certain slang words (not to mention the entire concept of emojis) go right over my parents' heads. But I always appreciated whenever they tried to be "hip" with the times, which is something Daniel Hillard never failed at doing. In many ways, he too was a kid at heart, so he became a pro at bonding with his children. Just try to get into their mindset and you'll be good to go. And if all else fails, you can always try wearing a baseball cap sideways.

Music Can Ease Any Chore

Let's be honest, children are really messy. Between the runny noses, sticky fingers, and never-ending supply of toys, your house could be in danger of becoming a total pigsty. But as Mrs. Doubtfire proves, something as mundane as vacuuming and dusting can be turned into a full-on rock concert. Just put on some awesome tunes and own those household chores.

Don't Panic Under Pressure

Like anything else, parenting can get a little overwhelming at times. The important thing is to remain calm and not to panic in times of stress. These little ones are counting on you, so any freakout you have will only add flames to the fire… quite literally in this case.

Don't Be Two Faced

Lies will only hurt the ones you love, so pretending to be something you're not can lead to some dire consequences. Not to mention you'll probably be paying some serious money for your kids' therapy bills.

Different Doesn't Equal Bad

Families in all different shapes and sizes, but that doesn't necessarily make one better than the other. As long as there's plenty of love to go around, that's all that really matters.

Don't Let Anger Get the Best of You

No matter how hilarious the concept of a run by fruiting may be, just remember that hostility is never the answer.

Always Watch What You Say

Because, news flash: kids repeat things. All the time.

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