Will Aasar Khan Help the CIA on 'Homeland'? He Needs To Choose a Side

Wow. I think it's safe to say that literally everyone's fate is up in the air in Homeland Season 4. From the blasts that endangered Carrie, Redmond, and Saul to the impending brigade of terrorists about to storm the U.S. Embassy, led by the horrible human that is Haqqani (I'll never forgive you for Aayan!), it seems that all hope is lost for our favorite characters. Unless one moral(ish) ISI agent decides to try and save the day one more time. From what we've seen of Aasar Khan so far on Homeland, it looks like even though he is Tasneem's boss at the ISI, he doesn't seem to be totally in support of her methods thus far. Could Aasar know about the U.S. Embassy attack, and could he be behind and calling the shots that Tasneem put into place? Or is he just out of the loop and surprised as everyone else? I honestly can't tell with him and I hope that he is still on Carrie's side, because she and the rest of the CIA team really need a miracle right about now. Could Aasar Khan try to help the CIA team against this ambush?

While he is quite a sketchy character, Aasar proved he has at least a little bit of sound moral judgment and even some loyalty to Carrie after he got her safely to his guest room so she could recuperate, and discovered then ratted out Dennis Boyd's betrayal, again to Carrie. Despite his agents being on the dark side of justice, he seems to still be trying to work in a semi-respectful manner. I just can't tell how far down the rabbit hole he is with all of this Haqqani business.

Now I know I've considered whether Aasar could have romantic attraction towards Carrie, and maybe that's why he was against Tasneem messing with Carrie's medication, as well as why he revealed Dennis' betrayal, but it just doesn't seem like the correct reason. He's a man who seems to want to right wrongs. And what better way to right the wrong that is storming the U.S. Embassy with Haqqani by stopping that very siege?

Sure, that would mean going against the people he works with, like Tasneem and Farhad Gazi, but there's loyalty to people, and then there's loyalty to the truth and to justice. Aasar has proven himself to be an ally inside the ISI, and someone who wants to make sure that the group doesn't stoop impossibly low to do their bidding.

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I believe Aasar will try and fix what is happening, but that it could be at great cost to himself. He could lose his job or even his life. But the fact of the matter is, he would be helping to stop a terrible wrong. He needs to intervene not just for his relationship with the CIA and alliance with Carrie, but for his own country's security. He tells Carrie that he needs her to believe him when he reveals that he had nothing to do with tampering with her medications. When she asks why, he says he doesn't know. Perhaps it's because he wants to prove that he is a good man and refuses to be part of the many problems plaguing his world. Stopping this impending attack is the best way to prove that for good.

Images: David Bloomer/SHOWTIME; hellyeahhomeland/Tumblr