Buy Your BF an $8,740 Joint Case This Christmas

Gift guide season is upon us, which means our favorite websites and magazines are publishing all sorts of suggestions for what to buy the most important people in our lives this holiday. Some of these ideas are bound to be a bit, well, crazy (*ahem* the entire Net-a-Porter fantasy gift shop). But an $8,750 gold joint case featured in's Holiday Shopping Guide 2014? That's downright bizarre.

The gift guide, which is broken down into shopping categories based on the people that might theoretically be on your list, features a heavy dose of absurdity throughout ($300 Serge Lutens perfume for your best friend, a $6,000 Hermes blanket for your mom) and even a few helpful ideas (I'd definitely get my girl friends these puffy Anya Hindmarch stickers, even if they are a little pricey). And then there's that joint case.

Where to begin? Sure, it's a bit strange to see a Vogue -operated publication encouraging you to smoke weed the way Jay Gatsby might, but with the recent legalization and decriminalization of marijuana across the country, it was only a matter of time before the fashion set hopped on board. Vogue even gave a tacit nod of approval to legalization when it published a piece on cooking with marijuana by legendary food critic Jeffery Steingarten in the September issue. I don't think this means Anna Wintour will be lighting up any time soon (although a girl can dream), but I'm not surprised to see some, um, chic paraphernalia popping up on well-known fashion sites.

But let's talk details. This is a 14-karat gold joint case from the brand JvdF and it costs more than all my friends' rent combined. What stoner or girlfriend of a stoner has almost $9,000 laying around with which to make such an asinine purchase? Even if you're a wealthy gal dating a debonair pot head, wouldn't they prefer you spend at least some of that dough on, you know, pot??? I'm sure there are cheaper joint cases out there (just an educated guess, Mom!).

Perhaps you should think of this as an aspirational gift. Someday, when you're rich and famous, you'll buy this for a loved one. But for now, a year's supply of rolling papers should suffice.

Image: The Webster