What Does 'My Five Wives' Rosemary Do? The TLC Star Has a Lot Going On

If you're a fan of My Five Wives, you likely became pretty familiar with the family during the first season of the TLC show (not to be confused with Sister Wives, by the way), but you still may be wanting more and Season 2, which started in October, may not be giving you that. For instance, while we know that Brady Williams and his, well, five wives — Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda — spend a lot of time together, you may be wondering what they do when they're on their own. I know they have a lot of kids, 24 between them to be exact, but they must have some time for work and hobbies. For now, let's focus on third wife Rosemary. What does Rosemary of My Five Wives do? This lady is pretty well-rounded.

She Has 4 Children

While the family all lives nearby each other with their total of 24 children, of these, four are Rosemary and Brady's biological children — Kimberly Beth, 17, Taylor Elaine, 15, Brady James, 13, and Brandon Elijah, 11. This means that Rosemary raises these four children in her own separate apartment.

She's a Great Cook

According to Rosemary's TLC bio, she "is considered to be the gourmet cook in the family." I assume that there is someone else who is the high volume chef because with 24 kids, you've gotta value quantity over quality most of the time, right?

She's Musical

She's now working towards teaching degrees in biology and music, and according to TLC, is "particularly passionate about composing." You go, girl!

She Used to Work for the Family Biz

Rosemary used to work for the family construction business like Brady, who is a project manager for his brother's company, and Nonnie who works in administration. Reportedly, Brady filed for bankruptcy in July, so hopefully everything's going OK with the business still.

She's Brave

In November 2014, Rosemary spoke with The Associated Press claiming that her father, Lynn A. Thompson, who leads the Apostolic United Brethren in Utah, molested her when she was a child. She explained she wanted to speak out to stop him from abusing others and also because, according to the AP, she "hopes to be an advocate for abuse victims in patriarchal societies like the one she was raised in, where families are often fearful to report crimes out of concern they may be prosecuted under polygamy law." Rosemary said herself, "The reason people are afraid to say anything is because they are upholding somebody in a position of authority and they're taught to respect them. They are afraid of the repercussions. They are afraid of Utah coming down on them and carrying their kids out of their home."

She's Supportive

The five wives are often supportive of one another and in one scene in particular, Rosemary supported Robyn when she confronted Brady about her 20th anniversary present — a ring which was the same gift he gave Paulie on their 20th anniversary.

Image: TLC