Laci Green Shares 10 Secrets About Your Vagina That Will Blow Your Mind

Impossibly adorable person and sex education activist Laci Green knows a thing or two about lady parts. Her YouTube channel Sex+ is packed to the gills with information about your girl stuff, and her latest video, 10 Secret Vagina Facts, is a primer on some cool facts about those baby makin’ nether regions. And you can never really know enough about your own vagina, since many women (and men!) know surprisingly little about how they work. There’s some useful stuff packed into this little three-minute video, and Green puts a hilarious spin on your anatomy (“The vagina is like a sock...YOU CAN PUT FEET IN IT. I’m just kidding. Don’t put feet in it. Unless...anyway.”).

Here’s an example: did you know vagina is Latin for “sheath” or “sword holder”? Or, did you know that ladies get boners too? Or, that your vagina can lengthen by up to 200 percent when you’re aroused? And because nothing on the Internet can be muttered or written without a pack of naysayers near behind, Green includes links to sources for all of her information if you’re curious to read more. In addition to Sex+, which has more than a million subscribers by the way, Green hosts MTV’s new YouTube series “Braless,” a series about pop culture and feminism, and the YouTube series A Naked Notion.

Take a look a the video below so you can get out there and brag to your friends about all the cool stuff you learned about your vagina. And definitely peek at a few of Green’s other body positive videos. Girl has some cool stuff to say!

lacigreen on YouTube

Image: lacigreen/YouTube