You Need To See This Dog's Reaction To "Let It Go"

Frozen, the world-arresting megalith of film which has amassed $1.219 billion dollars, has been obsessed over and generally beloved worldwide, might have warn out its welcome (hey, I said might). The Internet has exhausted us with “Let it Go” parodies and long-form articles about Elsa and Anna’s feminist relationship for a year now. But we’ve got one unwavering Frozen fan we never even expected to have: a sleepy puppy. The second this pooch’s ears perk up as Frozen’s “Let it Go” starts playing in the car is the second we know this cutie is an unabashed Frozen fanpup through and through. Oakley the puppy doesn’t want to miss a second of Elsa’s triumphant ballad—she immediately wakes up from her slumber and starts howling along to the ice princess’ song like there is no tomorrow.

Oakley’s owner proves her dog’s loyalty to the Frozen soundtrack by switching the radio back to Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap” (which was playing while the puppy was asleep), and we can see that the pop song doesn’t hold Oakley’s interest. As soon as Oakley hears Charli XCX, her eyes widen, glossy with betrayal and perhaps annoyance. Once she figures her beloved “Let it Go” isn’t returning, she goes back to sleep. Wait till she hears there's probably going to be a Frozen sequel!

Image: Brittany Boll/YouTube