Who Is Dario's Match on 'Are You The One?' There Are 3 Women He Should Join in the Truth Booth

I'll admit it — I'm in way too deep as far as MTV's dating show, Are You The One ? is concerned. As someone who generally boycotts all of the network's reality shows because they provide far too much drama that reminds me of high school than I ever intend to relive, I got totally sucked in this time, and there's no turning back. The show only gets more intriguing each week as matches are made and emotions begin running even higher, and when I'm not watching the show on Monday nights, I'm doing impossible logic puzzles in my head, trying to figure out which cast member matches with who. As for who Dario Medrano's perfect match could be, I'm relatively sure I have his choices narrowed down to three women.

Another confession: Dario is not my favorite dude, especially after all that drama over Layton and Ashley. I get it, you think Ashley's your match, but the way to figure that out isn't to go behind Layton's back and make out with her. Certainly, there were better ways to handle that situation, and Ashley's not blameless. But that doesn't mean that Dario doesn't deserve to go home with his share of the cash and his ideal mate. So let's examine our options, shall we?


Briana and Dario together isn't something I considered until I stalked their Instagrams and saw that they'd both shared this photo together on their respective accounts. I'm trying not to read too much into the fact that Briana called him "the man that I love" in her caption, but it's still something to think about, right? Also, Dario totally visited Briana in San Diego from his home in Salem, Mass., so that counts for something too. Hmm.


I think that the adorable and easygoing Christina, who's also known as the unlucky 11th girl, is secretly everyone's match, but that's a different discussion for a different day. According to fans who are doing the math on their blog, she has a shot at being Dario's match, which could mean bad news for another girl in the house if she gets to Dario first. Yikes!


Dario clearly thinks that Ashley is his match, and I don't think he's wrong. And Ashley — despite the fact that she obviously still has feelings for Layton — thinks that it's a possibility too. I wish these two would just head to the truth booth once and for all, and then maybe Layton could finally shut up. No offense, Layton.

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