When 'The Walking Dead' Comes Back, Beth's Funeral Will Destroy Everyone According To New Sneak Peek Video

It's hard to think that after The Walking Dead mid-season finale ripped out America's hearts, AMC has the audacity to make us wait until The Walking Dead returns on Feb. 8 for a new episode. Yeah, you'll have already failed to stick to at least three of your 10 New Year's resolutions by the time you get some more zombie action. Luckily, The Talking Dead gave us a little food for thought in the form of a Walking Dead mid-season premiere sneak peek video.

Unfortunately, that clip showed Beth's funeral, proving that Robert Kirkman isn't quite done extracting our tears. Nope. That sadness will eke into 2015 too. At least the young woman whose death was arguably the hardest Walking Dead loss yet will get a proper sendoff, worthy of how dearly she was loved by TWD fans.

The clip was a little hazy, and almost artsy, obscuring most of the action with the exception of Maggie folded over in tears, Father Gabriel performing a service either at dawn or twilight, and Rick & Co. shoving guns in unidentified car windows. I know Chris Hardwick was joking when he asked Kirkman to explain the clip, but I kind of wish he would. We didn't really get much of a tease — and certainly not one to last two months — from this wispy clip.

In the meantime, we'll all have to gather in a collective internet huddle and share our fond memories of a character who truly could have been the show's newest badass. While I can see the importance of her death and how it helps usher in the "whole new show" Kirkman teased on the "Coda" episode of The Talking Dead, that doesn't make it hurt any less.