11 ‘Pitch Perfect’ Quotes That Are Perfect To Use In Any Situation

I've said it before and I will say it again. As far as quotable films go, Pitch Perfect is right up there with Mean Girls for me. Just like I can quote Mean Girls all day long despite the fact that it's been over a decade since that film came out, so too can I quote Pitch Perfect all day long. The fact that Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out is a source of constant joy to me, especially since, unlike Mean Girls 2, it will feature all of the original actors. However, while I wait for Pitch Perfect 2 to come out and make my life, I can't help but look back upon how the original Pitch Perfect has changed me forever. Sure, that sounds dramatic, but clearly you just don't understand how universal that film is.

After all, Pitch Perfect is not only quotable — but those same quotes can be used in literally almost any situation, even without context to go with them. As far as I'm concerned, reciting the entire film verbatim is practically a fun party trick you and your friends should practice, but I guess if you're not that dedicated then these eleven quotes will help you out instead.

I set fires to feel joy.

Actual Context: This quote is said by Lilly Onakuramara while the Barden Bellas are hitching a ride from the Treblemakers after their bus breaks down. In response, Donald says, "That's adorable."

Why It's Universal: Who among us have not set fires to feel joy? The are whole myths devoted to how much man is fascinated by fire, not to mention how much industry came from man discovering fire. Fire is the symbol of our development, you guys.

Best Results: Use it at a bar when you want a guy to leave you alone — and when you want to weed out that one arsonist in the crowd so you can avoid them.

Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that's what matters.

Actual Context: When the Bellas finally come together as a team, Fat Amy gives us this immortal line before they're all about to go out on stage.

Why It's Universal: This is more than just another fat joke from or about Fat Amy. Remember in How the Grinch Stole Christmas when his heart grew several sizes that day? We should all compliment people in our lives by telling them they have fat hearts.

Best Results: Use it when you and your friends are having one of those friendship bonding moments — and you want to break it up before someone cries.

I'm the best singer in Tasmania with teeth.

Actual Context: Fat Amy introduces herself and her talents this way when she approaches Chloe and Aubrey at the Barden Bellas booth at the club fair.

Why It's Universal: While I'm pretty sure there are plenty of great singers from Tasmania with and without teeth, this line is just absurd enough to say or hear that there's really no time you can't say it and have it be hilarious.

Best Results: Use it to introduce yourself at a new school or job — as long as you can sing or have teeth, of course.


Actual Context: When the Barden Bellas sit down and attempt to get to know each other, Fat Amy says this to prompt Cynthia-Rose into coming out to the group.

Why It's Universal: Let's be real. You can't force someone to reveal their sexuality to you if you don't want to. But this is a low pressure and amusing one-liner that sounds enough like "Let's be honest" that they can play it off if they're uncomfortable sharing right now.

Best Results: Use it when and if you need to come out to a friend or family member. It might make that terrifying situation feel a little more comfortable for you.

I'm not drunk. You're just blurry.

Actual Context: Jesse gives us this perfect excuse when approaching Beca at the Bella-Treble party after he's had more than a few.

Why It's Universal: No matter how many drinks you've had, you are always going to be that person who underestimates how drunk they are. That's just a fact. However, even if you're sober, the world might become blurry for a lot of reasons, so it works on every level.

Best Results: Use it only when you're sober. You might be too drunk to remember to be witty later.

I'm gonna finish him like a cheesecake!

Actual Context: After Fat Amy is attacked at the gas station by flying Mexican food, she growls this line while the other Bellas help her up.

Why It's Universal: There are way too many things in this world that you can "finish like a cheesecake" to not make that your go-to phrase for any task.

Best Results: Use it during exam week at school. Finish that paper like a cheesecake, and then treat yourself to some cheesecake.

Aca-scuse me?

Actual Context: When Fat Amy reveals that Thumper's attack at the gas station made her forget to put actual gas in the bus, Aubrey does not take it well. Or, hey, maybe this is her taking it well.

Why It's Universal: Do I even need to explain this one? I'd like someone to explain a situation in which an outraged cry of "aca-scuse me" is inappropriate.

Best Results: Use it when someone simply says hello to you — especially if it's someone you don't want to be talking to at all.

This ginger needs her jiggle juice.

Actual Context: At the Bella-Treble party, Jesse's not the only one to approach the anti-social Beca. Chloe deepens their friendship by wandering over to make Beca laugh with this line, to which Beca responds, "Make good choices."

Why It's Universal: If I ever refer to alcohol as anything other than jiggle juice from this day forward, may Thumper hit me with flying Mexican food.

Best Results: Use this when you actually have red hair, even if you're not drinking alcohol. Dye your hair red for effect.

Hello, my name is Lilly and I was born with gills like a fish.

Actual Context: This is how Lilly introduces herself to everyone when she is trying out for the Barden Bellas to begin with. No one hears her.

Why It's Universal: No, you don't have to be named Lilly, nor do you actually have to have gills like a fish. It's another one of those statements that are just so absurd that you can say them anywhere at any time when you want everyone to have a good laugh.

Best Results: Use it when making small talk with someone. No doubt they'll have a "first meeting" story to tell about you for years and years to come.

You’re one of the a cappella girls. I’m one of those a cappella boys, and we’re gonna have aca-children.

Actual Context: Again, it probably wasn't a good idea for a highly intoxicated Jesse to choose that Bella-Treble party to pull his smoothest moves over on Beca. This wasn't that smooth.

Why It's Universal: Adding aca- to the front of any pick up line makes it automatically hilarious. That's just a fact.

Best Results: Use it on your boyfriend. If he doesn't laugh, make him watch the movie again. (And again.)

Not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate.

Actual Context: After the Bella-Treble party, Aubrey lays down the law on why, exactly, Bellas and Trebles aren't allowed to hook up. However, her very serious discussion didn't fly with Fat Amy.

Why It's Universal: Lesbi-honest. Is there really any good time to use the word penetrate?

Best Results: Use it literally all the time, whether someone has said the word penetrate or not. Because, after all, even saying this quote isn't a good enough reason to use the word penetrate.

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