This Is What The 'Love Actually' Trailer Would Look Like If We Were Being Honest With Ourselves — VIDEO

It's the first day of December, which means that all bets are officially off: bring on the gratuitous ugly holiday sweater wearing, the temporary lawlessness of mall parking lots, and, of course, the ritualistic watching of Love Actually . This holiday season we have so much more to be thankful for, though, because after eleven long years, we finally have the release of a Love Actually Honest Trailer, and it's everything you hoped it would be, plus so, so much more. It might actually take you several hours to recover from the snark.

Like fine wine, there are some things that just get better with age. And while there are a few things in this world that I refuse to wait for (cookie dough to turn into cookies, brownie batter to turn into brownies, etc), I am glad that we waited for this trailer. All of the amazing things that the actors went on to do after this film makes the jokes that much more satisfying. Why stop at just a trailer? I feel like I could quite happily watch the Love Actually Honest Movie (which would probably look a lot different in 2014).

This is far from the first funny video inspired by this movie, after last year's equally hilarious spoof trailer for Love Actually 2 . We're all starting to get a little spoiled, now that we're expecting parody remakes every Christmas, so whoever is planning next year's great spoof better get on it now (I humbly demand an alternate reality where Betty Draper goes head-to-head with Severus Snape, and Qui-Gon Jin helps the kid from the Maze Runner use the Force to get out of the maze, please and thank you in advance). In the meantime, please enjoy Honest Trailer's most deliciously snarky video to date:

Images: Universal Pictures