The Glossier Holiday Set Of Metallic Liquid Liners Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Thing

If you're a beauty fiend, then you've most likely already heard of Glossier, Emily Weiss' (of Into the Gloss fame) new beauty and skincare line. It's about as hip as beauty gets, and it's impossible not to love the fun packaging and celebrity-endorsed products. Launched two months ago, Glossier has a ton of products that would make a beauty geek squeal. From perfecting skin tint to priming moisturizer, Glossier is producing beauty products that aren't not only trendy, but are also relevant and helpful to the everygirl. It's hard to find anything wrong with the line. And now there's even more Glossier awesomeness to go around: Glossier has a limited edition holiday set made up off two metallic eyeliners now. Get excited.

The holiday set includes two liquid liners (called "liquid foil liners") in gold and silver. For just $28, you can pick up the set of liners at as of December 2. The set is perfect for that person in your life who has everything when it comes to beauty, and is always looking for something a little different. It would also be a great gift for someone who loves quality, interesting beauty products or, hey, even just a gift for an avid reader of Into the Gloss. The possibilities are endless. Best stocking stuffer ever? I think so.

Curious as to what liquid foil liners would actually look like? Well don't worry, Glossier has you covered. And no, of course the photos aren't of liquid liner used as eye liner. How basic.

Images: Glossier (2)