Beyonce's Beyhive Wins ‘GQ’ Fans of the Year, So Naturally We All Need This Club Jacket — PHOTO

Monday is a very smug day in the world of Beyoncé fans, affectionately known as the Beyhive. (Or the Beygency, if you have committed any crimes against Beyoncé today.) I mean, I can't speak for my fellow Bey lovers, but I am pretty smug. It turns out that the Beyhive won GQ's Fans of the Year because, let's face it, we are literally the best fans out there. Sure, there are fan bases in the world that are more vocal than we are, such as the One Direction fans a.k.a. Directioners, but who needs to be vocal when your idol is practically a goddess?

Trust me, I am not here to throw shade at other fandoms — especially not the 1D fandom that I am a part of myself — but I am here simply to celebrate the success of the Beyhive. And, by celebrate the success of the Beyhive, I mean I am welcoming you all to the fold. We followers of the Holy Path of Beysus are a tolerant bunch who don't care how late in the game you decide to convert to Beyoncé-ism: all are welcome in this place. And this place now has a Beyhive jacket for everyone to enjoy. You know, as soon as someone designs it somewhere a little more practical than Photoshop. (Hint, hint.)

Until then, have this approximation of what our club jacket should look like. And enjoy the fact that we of the Bey are Fans of the Year — until we're displaced in 2015, of course.

Image: Kadeen Griffiths/Bustle