Who Voices Reptillus Maximus in 'Toy Story That Time Forgot'? It Turns Out This 'Grey's' Star Is a Voiceover Vet

It's hard to imagine that any actor handsome enough to land a recurring gig on Grey's Anatomy would choose to spend a significant portion of his career doing voiceover work. But that's exactly what Kevin McKidd — who has played Iraq veteran Dr. Owen Hunt beginning in Season 5 — has been doing since 2002, when he booked his first voice acting gig for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. For his latest project, McKidd plays Reptillus Maximus in Toy Story That Time Forgot. The short Christmas special, which will air on ABC on Dec. 2 at 8 p.m. ET, picks up after the events of Toy Story 3, and features all our favorite characters like Buzz and Woody, plus new toys, including Reptillus and a Hello Kitty-like Christmas ornament named Angel Kitty.

McKidd's Reptillus, a dinosaur action figure, is the villain of the story. Along with his armored buddies, Reptillus picks a fight with the Toy Story crew, who have to outsmart the stronger, unfriendly toys. The whole thing looks like it will have the same nostalgic feel and cute animation that makes the the franchise so lovable. Don't be surprised if Reptillus toys start flying off the shelves after Toy Story That Time Forgot airs. Here's a sneak peak at McKidd's character and the rest of the special:

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Like I mentioned, this is not Dr. Hunt's first time voicing an animated role — though it is his foray into non-human characters. In fact, McKidd has even acted in another Pixar film. Let's take a look at his previous parts:

Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin

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Oh, did you not know Owen was Scottish? McKidd puts on an American accent for his role at Seattle Grace, but for Pixar's Brave (written and directed by Steve Purcell, who also directed Toy Story that Time Forgot), he was allowed to let his natural brogue come out. The actor played Merida's unintelligible suitor Young MacGuffin, and the boy's more confident father as well. For Young MacGuffin, McKidd didn't just say the gibberish that was originally in the script, but instead spoke a Scottish dialect native to his own home region of the country.

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Batman/Bruce Wayne

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Step aside, Clooney, Bale, and Affleck, there's another Batman in town. In the 2013 cartoon film Justice League: the Flashpoint Paradox, McKidd voiced the Dark Knight and his real identity, Wayne. The film includes all the Justice League characters, including The Flash, Superman, and more, in a complex, time travel-themed plot to — what else? — stop a supervillain and save the world.

Video Game Characters

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Aside from animated movies and TV shows, video games are another medium that requires extensive voiceover work, and that was where McKidd first got his start in the industry. He played Jezz Torrent — the lead singer of a Scottish rock band — in a Grand Theft Auto game, as well as John 'Soap' McTavish in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3 (one of the bestselling video games of all time). McTavish, a Scottish soldier with the Special Air Service, is the main protagonist of the Modern Warfare games, which also feature the voices of award-winning actors Idris Elba and Timothy Olyphant. Tell that to the next person who says video games are just for kids!

Images: Disney/Pixar; Activision