Damien Sings "Someone Like You" on 'The Voice' & Proves He Could Win This Whole Thing

Wow. Damien has the voice. And he certainly deserves to win The Voice. There are a lot of really strong competitors on this season, but none as strong of a singer and as captivating of a performer as the TSA agent who survived the LAX shooting. Damien's rendition of "Someone Like You" by Adele was one of the best performances of this entire season of The Voice, and came as perfect timing to help Damien secure a spot in the Top 5.

Adele is not easy to do. She is much like Beyonce in that her songs shouldn't be touched — they're sacred because they're just THAT good. But every once in a while, an artist is able to sing an untouchable song and make it even better than the original. Which is exactly what Damien did tonight. His soulful sound mixed with his powerful belt was actually able to bring a tear to my eye, which is not an easy feat.

Once the crazy battle and knockout rounds of The Voice are over, the point of the show seems to be forgotten. Elaborate sets are staged, style becomes extremely important, and the ability to work the stage is crucial to getting through to the next round. But if we focus on the fact that this is a show about having THE VOICE, then Damien deserves to win because of his timeless talent. There are a few other "timeless talents" on this season, but none as powerful as Damien. He obviously has a great coach in Adam Levine, and that is going to propel him even further in this competition. Levine knows exactly how to challenge Damien to take him from amazing to WOW. But Damien could probably get through this thing without any help from Levine and still make it out on top. This man deserves his chance to stand in the spotlight, literally just stand there because he doesn't need anything other than his voice to make him stand out.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC